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Here's How Much These Instagram Influencers Earn
Instagram is our go-to place to keep up with the world. But are you aware just how much money these influencers make out of our futile, morbid curiosity? Instagram is a mesmerizing place. It is a world filled with beautiful people, scrumptious food, humorous memes, chiseled abs, and motivating quotes. And, of course, there are all those jaw-dropping places and skies. All of these things make it a rabbit hole we willingly fall into, multiple times a day. But, there is one emotion evoked in all of us—the big “J” emotion. Today, we will be sharing some names from your feed that will make you question Insta fame.
15 Riddikulusly Funny Harry Potter Memes
On a scale of one to ten, how obsessed do you think we are with the wizarding world and the Boy Who Lived? Well, we'd say about nine and three quarters. The 1st of September is approaching, and we can't wait to get lost in the magical world of Hogwarts. How cool would it be to teleport from one place to another—hopefully, without splinching? While we all pack our robes and wands and stuff our trunks to the brim, here's something to tickle your funny bones. No, we're not giving you the laughing potion; we're sharing 15 memes and jokes so riddikulus that you'll LOL like a banshee. We solemnly swear.
Get Ready, Set, and Binge-Watch These Netflix Originals This October
With hours to spare and nowhere to go, our watch list is getting longer. And since many Netflix Originals are releasing this month, binge-watching is a must. The upcoming Netflix Originals have something in store for every genre. Since it is Halloween season, Netflix is set to release feature documentaries, rom-coms, action-adventures, thrillers, drama, and more. We guarantee that the releases will keep you occupied every weekend or weekday of the month. So don’t forget to stock some popcorn on your next grocery trip. Check out this list of October releases.
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