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40 Dogs From TV and Movies Who We Can't Help But Love
Dogs are known as a man’s best friend. And let’s face it; when they are on screen, we fall in love with them even more, making us want one for ourselves. There's a reason we grow fond of the dogs we watch on screen. They remind us of love, warmth, and trust; things that we so often look for in life. It's almost therapeutic to watch dogs on screen, and we often liken this feeling to a warm one. As a result, we tend to watch these movies over and over again. This year, all you may need to feel good again is a few dogs that have starred in the best of movies and TV shows. Take a look.
15 Iconic Pictures of Sir Sean Connery
Legendary actor Sir Sean Connery passed on 31st October 2020. Here’s looking at his decades-spanning career and some of the most iconic pictures. Sir Sean Connery died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 90 on Saturday. The Scottish icon had a stellar career, tackled a variety of roles, won an Oscar, and worked with the biggest names in the history of the entertainment industry. He was best known for his portrayal of Ian Fleming’s famed fictional character James Bond and was the first to bring the secret agent to the big screen. These pictures provide a glimpse of the remarkable life of a remarkable actor.
15 Spine-Tingling Shows on Netflix that Are Totally Worth the Scare
You might be a braveheart, but it takes a whole new level of courage to sit and binge-watch these horror TV shows that are fascinating but oh so scary! You either love scary movies, or you hate them; there's no in-between. If you love whiling your time watching horror content, you know how incredibly and weirdly satisfying it is to get your heart racing. Netflix, obviously, has a rich collection of entertainment material in the genre, but today we’re focusing solely on TV series. So, get ready as we reveal 15 of the most-frightening shows to spook your soul!
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