Celebrity Transformations That Will Make You Go Wow
There’s nothing new about actors undergoing physical transformations for a role, but these celebrities pushed the envelope just a little bit further. Many think that being an actor is an easy job. But for those in the know, the smokescreen is all too easy to pull apart. Losing a few pounds is hard enough, but what if you had to lose at least 16 for a role, and then gain back twice as much for another? Actors have broken their bodies and built them back, all to bring that extra level of authenticity to their character. Sometimes, this is even done to be a healthier version of themselves. So if you’re wondering about how this happens, we’re here to tell you exactly how much work went in behind the scenes.
These Sexy Female Action Stars Bring the Heat and How!
Female action heroes are here to stay, and they're no longer just sex icons. Now, we get to watch fierce, empowered women in action, and we think that's hot! Women-fronted films, especially in the action genre, are severely outnumbered by those of men. But things are slowly changing, and the age of female badasses dominating action movies is here! From Black Widow to Imperator Furiosa, these heroines have set the temperatures soaring with their lithe physicality and left an indelible mark on cinema. Here are our favorite action stars who walked the line between alluring and powerful and kicked their way to different kinds of women representation.
Risque Bizness! Celebs and the Daring Outfits They Wore
Celebrities know how to turn heads on the red carpet, be it with a sheer gown or a racy mini dress. These looks are high fashion, bold, and beautiful. Right now, our sole task at hand is to gush about these alluring outfits that celebrities wore to award shows, galas, and more. We went back a few years and picked out the ones with risqué cutouts, lace fabrics, and what-not! While the dresses worn in the recent past were quite bold and memorable, we bet you haven’t seen some of the fun and flirty ones from the ‘90s. Take a look at these racy ensembles worn by stars that knocked our fake Gucci socks off. Trust us; they deserve all the hype!
Raunchiest Celebrity Selfies Out There
Instagram truly is the go-to destination for all things hot—from viral reels to stunning celebrity selfies that sometimes leave little to the imagination. It looks like our talent of endlessly scrolling through the bottomless chasm of Instagram is finally paying off. We dug deep and found celebrity selfies that took the Internet by storm and raised the hotness bar on the platform. We take a look at some of our favorite celebrity selfies of all time. Some are iconic, some are scandalous, and some give us fashion inspo. But more than anything else, they are a treat for the eyes. We promise.
Top Actors' Paychecks: Then and Now
Receiving the first paycheck is an exciting experience because it’s the first step to that big payday we all hope to have. And with actors who are now worth millions, it was no different. The most formidable actors have gone from earning a couple of hundred dollars for a role to now commanding tens of millions per movie. In this list of some of the highest-paid actors, you will be surprised at what they started off with! Just goes to show that if you believe in yourself, nothing is impossible.
These Celebrities Prove that Pobody's Nerfect
If you think of celebrities as perfect beings, you are miles away from the truth. Like us, our favorite artists also have quirks that make them, them. We are aware that celebs always look perfect. Think of the handsome Ashton Kutcher; he is what dreams are made of. But did you know he has a certain physical quirk? It is essential to remember that the definition of perfect is superficial and that nobody is perfect. It's time we embrace our oddities and celebrate them. From lip scars to uneven eyes, we have compiled stars who have perfect imperfections.
Celebrity Plastic Surgery: 11+ Before and After Pics
Facial tucks and nips are a no biggie in Hollywood. But overindulgence in plastic surgery comes with a price, and it can drastically alter the way one looks. The Hollywood industry can be cruel, and the pressure to look a certain way is relentless. This is a place where every minuscule flaw is zoomed in on and spoken about elaborately. In an attempt to keep up with the ever-changing beauty trends or airbrush the inevitable wrinkles for real, celebrities do what they think may work best—go under the knife or get cosmetic procedures. However, the results are not always good. Here are a few celebrities whose surgery altered their face drastically.
These Couples Went From Reel to Real!
On-screen couples seem to have perfect chemistry. But sometimes, there’s more to it than just acting - it’s real! There’s nothing more exciting than watching two people fall in love on screen and hoping that maybe, just maybe, they'll end up together in real life. Some of the iconic couples in the industry have made our hearts flutter with their onscreen chemistry. Take Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, for instance. Although many of these relationships did not stand the test of time, they will forever be etched in our minds. Here are our favorite celebrity couples whose love went beyond the script.
21+ Movies That Ended Real-Life Relationships
There's a fine line between acting and reality. When that line blurs, actors may end up making wrong decisions that could cost them their relationships. Celebrities don’t have an easy life. Hectic work schedules, minimal family time, and constantly being under scrutiny makes their lives seem like it’s not-so-glamorous. Sometimes, the sparks and chemistry seen on screen may develop even after the cameras stop rolling. This often leads to huge scandals that cost them their relationships and, sometimes, careers. Read on to find out which movies caused a downfall in whose relationship.
31+ Celebrities Who Married Normal People
Celebrities marrying people with regular jobs is not unheard of. But what really gets us is when they talk about how they met the love of their lives. It’s common to see celebs go from reel to real, and that’s cute! But real meet-cutes are those that are totally unexpected, like those who find true love and tie the knot outside the Hollywood pool. And we love how each of these relationships has its own unique story. Ugh, our hearts! Like that one time when, you know what, we're going to let you find out for yourself. Here are some of our favorite celebrities who married normal people.
13+ Actors Who Got the Boot for Bad Behavior
Ever wondered why some actors were fired from projects? Sometimes, the drama behind the scenes of a TV show or film is a lot more gripping than the script. When it comes to making movies and TV shows, the overall vision for the project can become a point of contention. If creative differences cannot be resolved, producers and directors may think it best to replace the actor. And sometimes, actors find themselves terminated from the project for questionable behavior on and off set. Here's a look at a few stars who got fired from films and TV shows—some even at the height of their stardom!
31+ Celebrities and the Shocking Crimes They Committed
Your favorite celeb did what?! Celebrities are human, too. Under all the glitz and glamor, famous folks are prone to committing mistakes and even crimes! There’s a fine line between famous and infamous. For celebrities constantly under the glare of shutterbugs, it can be quite easy to cross this line. They can instantly go from saint to sinner. Even an accidental gesture can also lead to trouble. While some got away with murder, thanks to the magic spun by money and PR, others served their time and suffered professionally. Check out these celebs who have been accused of shocking crimes.
A Look Back at Some of Meghan Markle's Best Maternity Outfits
The Duchess of Sussex is a style goddess when it comes to maternity fashion—from chic cape gowns to elegant coats, she sure knows how to dress a baby bump. The word is out: the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are expecting a second baby. We can only dream of the amazing ensembles the Duchess will wear over the upcoming months, and to give you an idea, we went rummaging through paparazzi photos of the fashionista from her first pregnancy. Fan or not, you can't deny that these maternity looks are absolutely stunning! Take a look.
Future, Kulture, and the Curious Case of Celebrity Baby Names
Audio Science. Sounds like a subject, right? Well, it's a name, and just like this one, we've got a list of the wackiest names celebs gave their children. Elon Musk’s son dominated the news as much as his father’s rising wealth did in 2020. Why? Because of his eccentric name, which, on paper, read “X Æ A-12.” There’s some complex logic behind that—the kind you’d expect from the Tesla CEO. We can all agree that the kid would win by a country mile if there were an award for weird celeb baby names. But who’d you think would finish second or third? Not sure? We neither. Let’s check the list and solve this nodus. Btw, how does Nodus sound for a name?
20 Epic Celeb
The celebrity spin-off on the classic “elf on the shelf” has gone berserk, with many A-list celebs chiming in with their wacky versions of the meme. Instead of whimsical elves popping up during Christmastime, stars are taking to Instagram to show off miniature celebs perched upon their shoulders. Thanks to this absurd craze, our feed is now flooded with entertaining pics of our favorite TV characters photoshopped over our favorite celebs. While the challenge continues to trend, we stopped to highlight some exceptional meme games that we thought deserved special mention.
This is What Adrienne Maloof Has Been up to Since Her Divorce
Ever wonder what happened to Adrienne Maloof? She was a regular in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Here’s the lowdown on what she is up to now. Lately, many of us here have been binge-watching (or guilt-watching) The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH). We just couldn’t get over the drama that Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif brought on screen. After Adrienne left the show, gossip mills churned out speculations of ugly divorce negotiations between the two. If you’re wondering what she has been doing now, you are not alone. Here are the deets on what Adrienne Maloof Young has been up to and what makes her so famous.
The Crown: 21+ Times The Netflix Show Captured Princess Diana Perfectly
The Crown’s latest season might have ended, but we haven’t had enough of it. Here are 40 times the show managed to perfectly represent the People’s Princess. The Netflix docu-drama, The Crown, has reached its fourth season, and there is a lot to be said about it. The series introduces new faces in the story, and our favorite has to be Lady Di. The combination of Corrin with the rest of the cast blurred the line between real life and reel life. The season is full of angst, love, heartbreak, betrayal, and everything else. Here are a few things that The Crown absolutely nailed
15 Iconic Pictures of Sir Sean Connery
Legendary actor Sir Sean Connery passed on 31st October 2020. Here’s looking at his decades-spanning career and some of the most iconic pictures. Sir Sean Connery died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 90 on Saturday. The Scottish icon had a stellar career, tackled a variety of roles, won an Oscar, and worked with the biggest names in the history of the entertainment industry. He was best known for his portrayal of Ian Fleming’s famed fictional character James Bond and was the first to bring the secret agent to the big screen. These pictures provide a glimpse of the remarkable life of a remarkable actor.
Here's How Much These Instagram Influencers Earn
Instagram is our go-to place to keep up with the world. But are you aware just how much money these influencers make out of our futile, morbid curiosity? Instagram is a mesmerizing place. It is a world filled with beautiful people, scrumptious food, humorous memes, chiseled abs, and motivating quotes. And, of course, there are all those jaw-dropping places and skies. All of these things make it a rabbit hole we willingly fall into, multiple times a day. But, there is one emotion evoked in all of us—the big “J” emotion. Today, we will be sharing some names from your feed that will make you question Insta fame.
Here’s How These Celebs Splurged Their First-Ever Paycheck
No matter what your first job was, first paychecks are always bittersweet. Believe it or not, celebs feel the same way. Read on to see who bought what. The moment you get your job, your brain races with ideas on how to spend your paycheck. A new phone or shoes? Whatever you buy, you will invariably possess an attachment towards it, even if it were a pair of socks. Similarly, for celebs, splurges from their first hefty paycheck modified their lifestyle and defined their taste. From expensive cars to candies, here’s a list of what celebs bought with their first paycheck.
MTV VMA Red Carpet Looks That Got Everyone Talking
We are all geared up to see the new brand of style the stars bring to the VMAs this year. But first, here's a throwback of the most iconic VMAs looks. Award shows are a pure source of entertainment. There’s music, there are performances, there are winners and losers, and there are some memorable outfits. Sure, MTV’s Video Music Awards aren’t as grand as the academy awards or all out like the MET Gala, but it has been around for more than three decades and has had a lot of iconic moments. Right from Cher to Rihanna, our favorite celebs have all made some risque and some not-so-risque choices, and we’re here to count the ones we absolutely love.
Twitter Titters at Gigi Hadid's Passion Project
Gigi Hadid shared a glimpse of her newly decorated home with her fans. The colorful and quirky NYC apartment has divided the Internet like never before. The Internet is a drain clogged with too many opinions. Yes, we are aware that that’s not how the saying goes, but you can’t deny that it is befitting. First, the Internet got busy discussing the supermodel’s pregnancy, and then they focused on why she wasn’t sharing her journey and experience with the world. And now that she invited people into her home, people got busy criticizing and appreciating her decor choices. Honestly, these tweets will tell you that you cannot please everyone.
It's a Girl for Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas!
Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, a musician, welcomed their firstborn on Wednesday. It's a baby girl, and they’ve named her Willa! Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are now celebrity parents. On 22nd July, the couple gave birth to a girl in a hospital in Los Angeles. Joe Jonas, a member of the Jonas Brothers, married the British actress Sophie Turner in May 2019. They have maintained a low profile since then, and the pregnancy was kept under wraps for quite some time too. Now, the news of their child being born has made headlines, and the Internet is welcoming their baby girl, Willa.
Kanye for President Cuz Can't Tell Him Nothing
At the stroke of six, on July 5th, Kanye West tweeted his plans to run for president this year. Naturally, it wasn't yeezy for netizens to keep calm! Within a week of teasing the album God’s Country, Kanye took to Twitter to announce his run for president in the 2020 election. What inevitably followed was a massive uproar on Twitter. The fact that the rapper hasn’t even formed a campaign committee or registered with the FEC has got people calling his post a mere publicity stunt. Others are recalling the 2015 VMAs when Kanye announced in his speech that he would run for president in 2020 as he accepted his Video Vanguard Award. Should we have taken him seriously? Look at these reactions to find out!
Jason Momoa as Frosty Makes Twitter Wonder if it's Hot or Cold
Wondering how Jason Momoa would fit Frosty’s description? Well, so is Twitter. Here are some wild theories from Twitter about Momoa lending his voice. To everyone who has been thinking about how weird this year has been, we have some news for you. Our favorite merman made headlines as he moved bases from water to snow! Confused? Jason Momoa has been cast to voice Frosty the Snowman in a live action-CGI hybrid movie set to release in 2022. But since Twitter did not read the fine print, they had some wild thoughts, opinions, and assumptions.
Star Couples Who Called It Quits in 2020
2020 has been a tumultuous year for all of us so far. It has been even more stormy for some celebrities who decided to part ways with their partners. You think celebrity break-ups hit us hard last year? We're halfway through 2020, and many star couples have announced that they are parting ways. While some relationships have been short-lived, some have lasted over a decade. However, we must say, quite a few break-ups have taken us by surprise. This includes the adorable duo Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson. Read on to find out which couples have joined the broken hearts club and why they called it quits.
Glee Star Naya Rivera's Body Recovered After a Six-day Search
The body of 33-year-old Naya Rivera, who played the role of a gay cheerleader on TV musical Glee, was recovered after she had gone missing near Lake Piru. A tragic end meets the search of Glee actor Naya Rivera. On July 8, Rivera was reported missing after her four-year-old son Josey was found alone on a pontoon boat she had rented for a boat trip on Lake Piru. She was presumed dead after an adult life jacket was found on the boat—Josey was wearing his. The authorities confirmed her death on Monday, July 13, six days after she disappeared when local police found a body matching Rivera’s description, floating in the California lake
Fans Go Nuts as Samuel L. Jackson's Voice Becomes a Feature on Alexa
Last year, the e-commerce giant announced that Oscar-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson would be the first celebrity voice for its virtual assistant, Alexa. If it hadn’t been for the unfortunate events that have shaped 2020, Amazon’s Alexa would have had quite a star-studded cast. The company announced the celebrity voice program at the end of September last year, with Samuel L. Jackson being the first popular voice of Alexa. While Amazon has not been able to add more celebs to the list, users don’t really seem disappointed, thanks to Jackson’s voice and cussing. The iconic Hollywood star was widely embraced as the first voice for the virtual assistant. Moreover, users can’t seem to get over the explicit version.
Halle Berry Backs Out of Transgender Film Role After Backlash
Halle Berry shot to infamy after letting the cat out of the bag about her future project. Thanks to netizens, the actor had time to rethink her decision. In the past, many controversies have risen about cis actors misrepresenting roles. There is Elle Fanning in 3 Generations, Matt Bomer in Anything, Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club. And let’s not forget Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl. The number of controversies rising brings up the issue of wrong representation, which adds to the cultural divide. The recent addition to this list is Halle Berry, who announced her intention of playing a trans character. Thanks to the woke Twitterati, she has been rethinking her plans.
15 Outfits by the FRIENDS Cast That Made Us Say Wow
Even years after FRIENDS ended, we often find ourselves taking fashion inspo from some of our favorite characters. Here are a few looks we totally dig. It is quite a rare phenomenon for us to go back to a TV show and admire a character’s style even today. FRIENDS is one such show. No matter how old the show gets, it has us transfixed on each of the character’s signature casual style while they chilled at their apartments or the coffee shop. All their outfits were way stylish for loungewear in the ‘90s. From Monica’s mom jeans to Rachel’s elegant dresses, we’re in love with their wardrobe. We have handpicked some of the best ones for you.
Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich Can’t Hide Their Love and We Are All for It!
Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich’s romance seems to have reached a new level, at least that’s what we hear. Witness the PDA and very flirty exchanges right here! In case you missed it—the Camp Rock star has been slumming up this quarantine with the High School Musical 3 actor. Yes, Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich are together. How you managed to miss the news is beyond us, but now you know! The two have been together for a few months now, but the way they made it public had our hearts burst. Moreover, rumor has it that a question might soon be popped! The recent weekend getaway did nothing to calm that sail; neither did the pictures. Buckle up to witness a new romance.
Keeping Up With Kim’s Billionaire Status
Like it or not, #Kimye is a thing. The latest buzz about the beauty mogul and her husband is that they’ve both gotten the billionaire tag — individually. Who here is not aware of who the Kardashians and Jenners are? The reality TV-famous family is known for more than the drama KUWTK provides to its viewers. For starters, they all have more money than they know what to do with. They all have multiple professions. And there is at least one person from the family in the news at all times. Today, we bring you the story about one Kardashian in particular. Kim made another wave in Internetverse when she inked a deal worth $200 million dollars. Of course, like always, Twitter had some thoughts to share.
15 Hollywood Celebrities Who Quit the Spotlight to Start Afresh
These 15 celebrities were known for their acting prowess. But, the limelight could not stop them from doing what they wanted to and living their lives. Acting is an art, not a job, and requires immense hard work. It comes with a level of fame, with hundreds of camera flashes and paparazzi that won’t leave them be. While some are all about this lifestyle, some are just not fond enough about the fame they receive to make it their sole goal. As a result, many formerly famous artists have chosen to step out of the spotlight. Here are 15 celebs who opted-out of Hollywood to lead a “normal life.”
15 Celebrities Who Are Out and Proud
The celebrity ecosystem is always bursting at the seams with unsolicited opinions and scrutiny. One aspect that takes the cake is their sexual preference. Many celebrities have kept their sexuality a secret for years now. That’s because, just like us, they fear backlash from their communities and the press, and they’re afraid that it might sabotage their careers. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. They're no stranger to typecast roles on account of their orientation. However, the last decade has seen significant strides in fighting for an inclusive society: a society that fosters an environment where the LGBTQ community feels more supported and accepts that love is love. This Pride Month, let’s honor the celebrities who publicly embraced their sexual identity.
... And the World Goes Gaga Over Chromatica
The exuberant singer Lady Gaga’s long-awaited sixth studio album Chromatica is here, and her little monsters can’t help but be stoked for her. Initially, set to be released on April 10th, Gaga announced a delay in launching her album because of the pandemic. Nonetheless, it’s finally here and with career-defining collaborations: “Rain on Me” featuring Ariana Grande, a team-up with the girl gang Blackpink on “Sour Candy,” and a duet on “Sine from Above” with Elton John. This 16-track album features an array of dance anthems that helped Gaga get back on her feet and heal her. If you’ve streamed it, we’d all agree it's her dance-floor return! Check out some of her fans’ positive and not-so-positive reactions to the hypnotic album.
Celebrities Donate to the Black Lives Matter Movement
While many celebrities have joined the marches sparked by George Floyd’s death, others have been donating to bail funds to keep protestors out of jail. Black Lives Matter is a movement that actively campaigns against policy brutality, racial inequality, and racial profiling perpetuated towards Black people. With the brutal death of George Floyd, this movement has seen surging support with citizens, from as many as 13 countries, marching in solidarity with US protestors. Celebrities too have raised their voices and backed up the movement with donations to bail funds and legal aid for those participating in these protests.
15 Black Artists Who Influenced the History of Music
Throughout history, blacks have helped transform many industries in the country. Join us as we look at 15 black artists who reshaped music forever. Inclusivity breeds success. American history has countless examples of such progressive thought yielding revolutionary results and helping inspire millions of people. Martin Luther King Jr., Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Jordon, for instance, are immortal black personalities who not just earned fame, but were leaders of change. Today, we’re looking at 15 black musicians who had a similar impact, especially in the music industry. Their songs redefined our perception of the art form and wooed us unlike ever before. Some of these magnetic stars became global icons and continue to stimulate fans even to this day.
Celebrity Mansions We Could Totally Quarantine in
Staying indoors during the quarantine equals boring. Add some light to your dull day, with these six celebrities’ mansions we wish we were quarantined in. Most of us would go wild if we ever got the chance to meet our favorite celebs up close. But what about actually getting to live with them? Okay, okay, the idea seems a little far-fetched, but this quarantine has sent our imagination running wild. And so, we’ve listed six celebrities’ mansions we wished we were quarantined in. Now drop what you’re doing and immerse yourself inside these mansions that resemble nothing less than the Silver City. Who knows, you may even get inspired to make a few changes to the interiors of your home.
Dua Lipa's 'Future Nostalgia' Making Our Quarantine Time Fly
Music has always been a saving grace and this time it’s no different. Dua Lipa’s new album Future Nostalgia is saving the world one pop song at a time. 2020 has been a rollercoaster with all the unexpected twists and turns. The world is stuck in their homes and we are all losing our minds a little more with each passing day. With social distancing in action, even celebrities are trying to find something to do. In the midst of all these dark clouds, Future Nostalgia turned out to be a silver lining. Dua Lipa’s album was released earlier than expected and has been blowing minds since then. It has been streamed over a million times by now. Here’s a glimpse of how people have received this album.
Here's What You Need to Know about the Kutcher's Quarantine Wine
It is not often that you hear about quarantine wine to fight COVID-19, but today is an exception. Check out Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s take on this. Yup, you read that right. The That ‘70s Show’s lead actors and, may we add, one of the hottest Hollywood couples Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis launched a new quarantine wine. Mila came up with the idea of creating a quarantined-themed wine to help raise proceeds for multiple COVID-19 response efforts. Ashton pitched the idea to the co-founder of Nocking Point, Andrew Harding. After a wine sourcing and wine-tasting, the idea turned into a reality. The Oregon Pinot Noir was then bottled. Here’s everything else you need to know about the launch.
35 Celebrities Who Are Being Hella Relatable Right Now
There are stressful situations and then there is this quarantine. Everyone copes differently, but what do the rich and the famous do? More about that here! It’s been almost two intense months of self-isolation and social distancing, putting us at our wits’ ends. Most of us are trying to keep it together using memes, work, fitness, meditation, or whatever works as a coping mechanism, but surprisingly, celebrities are in the same boat! While they definitely seem to have more pizzazz, less money problems, and a whole lot more privilege, they are also stuck in their sprawling homes for the foreseeable future. Here are 35 celebs who will make you go, “OMG same!”
Artists Line up for ‘One World: Together at Home’
A few weeks ago, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin played a 30-minute live social media concert with the goal to bring the world together, spread awareness, and raise funds. He then nominated others under the #TogetherAtHome challenge which led to legendary performances from other major artists. Now, Lady Gaga is taking it up a notch as she collaborates with the WHO to bring forward a well-curated panel of artists and healthcare experts under the umbrella of One World: Together At Home, a virtual concert aiming to raise funds for protective equipment for healthcare professionals working on the frontlines of this pandemic.
15 Hip Hop Stars Who Got Da Money
Hip hop artists are living it up with their swanky cars, flashy clothes, and huge, ornate cribs. And why not? Their work reels in nothing short of a fortune. Hip hop artists are earning in millions through their music albums and videos. However, that's not it. Their brands, endorsements, cameos, and investments add quite a few bazillion dollars to their net worth. No wonder they are living the bad and boujee life. The gamut of cars, high-end designer clothes, million-dollar mansions, and ostentatious parties are proof of that. Here are fifteen influential hip hop artists who are rolling in money.
15 Celebs Who Torpedoed their Career in a Matter of Seconds
When in show business, every move is like walking on thin ice: one wrong move can crush your career. And we’ve all witnessed this one too many times. It’s tough being a celebrity, and tougher to sustain that status, especially since public scrutiny tends to be 24/7. From nose jobs gone wrong to sex scandals, the entertainment industry has seen it all. While some celebs manage to go a lifetime with nary a scandal, there are some that just can't seem to shake questionable behavior. Here are some stars who have ruined their careers—some even at the height of their stardom.
Red Carpet Looks That Won at the 2020 MTV VMAs
This year’s VMAs red carpet has sported some crazy looks from Joey King's floral frock to Miley's sheer dress. Don’t forget to check out these unbelievable outfits! The MTV Video Music Awards has always made headlines for its red carpet looks. And just when we thought we saw it all, this year came back with a bang. Celebrities have gone all out in 2020. We’re talking space helmets and dramatic fairytale gowns. Although the VMAs had pre-taped and staged all the performances across New York City due to the current situation, our favourite celebrities still brought their A-game. Here are some of the craziest looks from the 2020 VMAs red carpet.
Women Athletes Who Redefine The Sport
These women athletes defied the odds and emerged victorious, not once, but every single time they set foot in the arena of professional sports. Women athletes in professional sports continue to make a name for themselves by shattering records, breaking barriers, and paving the way for a new generation of sportswomen to come. Some are players you grew up idolizing. Some you revere for their contributions off-field. And then there are champions who led by example, making history. They truly embody the spirit of their sport and stop at nothing to let everyone know, “We run the world!”
Fabulous Singers Who Are Also LGBTQ+ icons
Present-day society has come a long way from the times of the Stonewall uprising. Gender is now a fluid concept but this has been a hard-wrought change. The unwavering activism of common members of the spectrum plus LGBTQ+ celebrities, who have amplified various issues, has helped ease the rigid hostility the rainbow community faced. Here’s a list of all the singers who belong to the LGBTQ+ community to motivate you to live your own truth, just as they are living their own.
A-list Stars and the Embarrassing Film Roles They Want You to Forget
Any aspect of a movie can leave the audience and critics unimpressed, be it bad casting, poor production and direction, or even shoddy performances. Some of the greatest actors in Hollywood have found themselves associated with some unforgivingly terrible films. From veteran stars to the up-and-coming ones, no one is an exception to such lapses in judgment. After all, the film industry can be unpredictable. So, we’ve decided to make a list of some of the A-list, top-notch actors who’ve worked in embarrassing films that they probably want us to forget.
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