15 Celebrities Who Are Out and Proud

10th June, 2020

The celebrity ecosystem is always bursting at the seams with unsolicited opinions and scrutiny. One aspect that takes the cake is their sexual preference.

15 Celebrities Who Are Out and Proud Rob Latour/Shutterstock

Many celebrities have kept their sexuality a secret for years now. That’s because, just like us, they fear backlash from their communities and the press, and they’re afraid that it might sabotage their careers. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. They're no stranger to typecast roles on account of their orientation. However, the last decade has seen significant strides in fighting for an inclusive society: a society that fosters an environment where the LGBTQ community feels more supported and accepts that love is love. This Pride Month, let’s honor the celebrities who publicly embraced their sexual identity.

1. Miley Cyrus

Variety Magazine confirmed that Miley Cirus identifies as pansexual. The singer learned about her identity at an LGBTQ center in LA, where she came across people who were attracted to people regardless of their gender or sexual identity.

2. Ricky Martin

3. Paris Jackson

The daughter of late Michael Jackson came out when she was 14. Paris mentioned in an interview that she had crushes on girls when she was eight. She recently took to Twitter to clarify that she doesn’t identify with labels but the LGBTQ community as a whole

4. Neil Patrick Harris

He and David Burtka truly are couple goals! Neil came out to the world in 2006 in an interview with the People magazine, the year before David and he got engaged. He quoted himself as a content gay man who’s living his life to the fullest. He’s gaily gay, and we love it!

5. Sia

Back in 2013, the singer took to her social media account to announce that she’s queer. She tweeted, "I don't really identify as a lesbian because I’ve dated predominantly men. But I’ve certainly dated women."

6. Wentworth Miller

The Prison Break star, who came out in 2013, took a stand against Russia’s anti-gay legislation. When he was invited to the St. Petersburg International Film Festival, Miller politely declined their offer. He took to Instagram to demand the LGBTQ community's fundamental rights to live and love openly. We love a man who stands by his principles!

7. Jason Mraz

In an interview with Billboard, the singer shared how his wife, Christina Carano, played a key role in him embracing his sexual identity, while they were in a relationship. How cool is that!

8. Drew Barrymore

The Charlie’s Angel revealed in 2003 that she was bisexual, and we’ve seen her support gay rights on multiple occasions. She also owns Revolver, a gay club in West Hollywood, which boasts of go-go dancers.

9. Daniel Newman

The Walking Dead star came out as bisexual in March 2017, hoping to inspire people struggling with sexual identity. In an interview with People, he shared that he’s proud to be who he is and doesn’t want to keep his sexual preferences hidden. Love is love, y’all!

10. Amber Heard

Amber Heard is unapologetically open about her fluid sexuality and has been quoted saying, “I don't identify as anything. I'm a person. I like who I like.” She has been a crusader for the LGBTQ movement and has been quite vocal about her relationship with women.

11. Evan Rachel Wood

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Felt this 4 years ago. Feeling it again today. ????

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Evan, who came out as bisexual to the world in 2011, has ever since been vocal about her identity. The actress believes in educating her fans on LGBTQ-related issues, as many are made to think that not being straight is nothing but a phase.

12. Ellen DeGeneres

Now there’s no arguing over the fact that hers is pop culture's top coming out story that dates back to 1997. The news first appeared on TIME magazine, where she told the world, “Yep, I’, gay.” Fast forward 23 years, Ellen is still lauded for her brave move and rightfully so!

13. Halsey

We’ve all known Halsey to speak up for what she believes in, be it women’s or LGBTQ rights. She often takes to social media to raise awareness about the double discrimination that bisexual people face. Well, what can we say? She nailed it with this tweet.

14. Katy Perry

Katy is known to use her platform to speak up for LGBTQ equality. But how did she come out to the world? At the Human Rights Campaign gala dinner in 2017, Perry revealed her sexual preferences in an emotional speech while accepting the National Equality Award. Talk about timing!

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