15 Outfits by the FRIENDS Cast That Made Us Say Wow

01st July, 2020

Even years after FRIENDS ended, we often find ourselves taking fashion inspo from some of our favorite characters. Here are a few looks we totally dig.

15 Outfits by the FRIENDS Cast That Made Us Say Wow Warner Bros. Television Distribution

It is quite a rare phenomenon for us to go back to a TV show and admire a character’s style even today. FRIENDS is one such show. No matter how old the show gets, it has us transfixed on each of the character’s signature casual style while they chilled at their apartments or the coffee shop. All their outfits were way stylish for loungewear in the ‘90s. From Monica’s mom jeans to Rachel’s elegant dresses, we’re in love with their wardrobe. We have handpicked some of the best ones for you.

1. Printed maxi dress

2. Tucked white shirt and jeans

3. Nautical short overalls

We think that Rachel Green’s dressing sense was way ahead of her time. It comes as no surprise that she chose fashion as her career in the series. We are sure that women all over the world loved her in this look captured by @rachelgreen_shop.

4. Elegant slip dress

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1995's New Year outfit 3°

A post shared by Uly|gellersxbing (@allfriends_outfits) on May 16, 2020 at 11:51am PDT

This outfit uploaded by @allfriends_outfit is our go-to ‘90s fashion inspiration. It's classic, trendy, and you can never go wrong with a slip dress. The way Rachel carries off this look is effortless and has us mesmerized. Yes, even with the bruise.

5. That mint green dress

@rossmadefajitas reminded us of the time Rachel attended an event at Ross Geller’s museum. Our jaws dropped when we saw her stepping out in this figure-hugging dress. This one definitely oozes sexiness, and we’re all for it.

6. Plaid skirt and white turtleneck

This adorable outfit uploaded by @rachelperk_ was worn by Rachel in the first season. It looks like an outfit straight out of the runway. Super chic and simple, this one screams Rachel Green from miles away.

7. Trademark sweater vests

8. Traditional ‘90s suit

Ross Geller, portrayed by David Schwimmer, turned out to be an unlikely fashion standout. This classic brown suit he paired with a blue shirt and tie, as shown by @friends, is simply cool and is a classic ‘90s office-wear.

9. Mom jeans with a cami

10. This ultra-cool sleeveless shirt

We have spent 90 percent of our time laughing over Joey and his antics while watching FRIENDS. But, this look uploaded by @joeyssubway made us say wow. The ‘90s was all about ease, and Joey surely looks comfortable.

11. Best football look

@fri3nds.for3v3r reminded us of that episode when Rachel stepped out to play football and well… skipped around. She donned her best sporty look in this super adorable athletic outfit. This doctor sleeve look is quite a head-turner even today.

12. Sleeveless leather jacket with white tee

Shared by @friendsxoutfitss, it's time to elevate your fashion game with these cool layers. This look on Joey is easy going, and we’re all about effortless fashion. There is something about the open leather jacket and white tee that makes him look flirty yet sophisticated.

13. Knotted top on long dress

14. Checkered skirt and top

Rachel Green’s perfect looks and hearty smile made so many fall in love with her. While it's true that she looks good in all kinds of clothes, this checkered skirt paired with a plain top makes her look even more dashing.

15. Long denim overalls

@tripbeautyinsta posted Rachel Green’s classic ‘90s staple look. Nothing about this outfit is outdated. The fashion maven queen rocked this stylish appearance three decades ago, and people till today dig this look.

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