20 Epic Celeb "Elf on the Shelf" Meme Moments

21st December, 2020

The celebrity spin-off on the classic “elf on the shelf” has gone berserk, with many A-list celebs chiming in with their wacky versions of the meme.

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Instead of whimsical elves popping up during Christmastime, stars are taking to Instagram to show off miniature celebs perched upon their shoulders. Thanks to this absurd craze, our feed is now flooded with entertaining pics of our favorite TV characters photoshopped over our favorite celebs. While the challenge continues to trend, we stopped to highlight some exceptional meme games that we thought deserved special mention.

1. Reese’s dancing elves

The beautiful Reese Witherspoon hopped on the bandwagon and shot us a picture with two elves. Her post features the stunning Olivia Newton and John Travolta from the 1978 musical comedy Grease to create Grease-on-Reese.

2. Jlo brings the heat

Jennifer Lopez brought some heat to the game and posted not one but four scintillating memes. While all are quite stunning because, well … It's JLo, the “Kylo on JLo” meme with actor Adam Driver as the Star Wars character totally wowed us.

3. Medley of characters

The Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner, posted a meme of her as Sansa Stark with George Louis Costanza as her elf, creating “Costanza on Sansa.” You may recall Costanza as the “Lord of the idiots” from the American TV sitcom Seinfeld.

4. Joe Jonas x Teletubby

Keeping up with his wife, Joe Jonas posted his own version, featuring the cute red Teletubby named Poe. He rhymed it with his own name and captioned the picture “Poe on Joe.” The star definitely takes home the prize for the most adorable meme!

5. Winning half-rhyme

Kudos to actress Garcelle Beauvais who actually kicked off the meme chain when she shared a picture of her as the elf casually sitting on the shoulder of American singer Pharrell Williams. “Garcelle on a Pharell” sent off a wave of memes with miniature elves.

6. Stark on Mark

Tony Stark is another favorite fictional character who debuted as an elf in the challenge. Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk in The Avengers franchise, chose Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., as his elf. We cannot with Stark's sassy side pose.

7. Lending a shoulder to Timothée Chalamet

Timothée Chalamet fans went gaga when they saw this post by Jimmy Fallon featuring Timmy as the charming elf. In the caption, Jimmy Fallon offers the star his support, wishing him well for his upcoming role in NBC's Saturday Night Live.

8. Butler brings in some magic!

Gerald Butler, the P. S. I Love You star, brought magic to the challenge with a picture of himself with Harry Potter as his sidekick. In his caption, he tagged Elizabeth Banks and Mark Ruffalo and said, “I salute you, and I give you Harry on Gerry!”

9. The Queen on Delevingne

In a regal edition of the meme, English model and actress Cara Delevigne posted a picture with Queen Elizabeth II photoshopped onto her arm. She added a crown emoji to her caption while also tagging Banks, Garner, and Witherspoon.

10. The cleverly rhymed

While there aren't a lot of things that rhyme with Celine, the Canadian singer was clever to choose Adam Levine's last name to chime in tune with her first. We present to you the iconic Levine on Celine!

11. Natalie Portman with one broke elf

Natalie Portman posted a picture with a mini Max Black played by Kat Dennings in the popular sitcom Two Broke Girls. Dennings commented on her “Kat on Nat” meme, saying, "There is no shoulder I would rather be on."

12. Kat nods back

Not only did Kat comment, but she also Insta-waved back at Natalie Portman. Kat posed while holding an open book, with Portman photoshopped on her shoulder. The caption said, "I love when we read together.” So far, we're loving this comradery!

13. Anne Hathway became Annie

The stunning Anne Hathaway entered the game and posted a picture of herself with the American television sitcom star from Mom. Thanks to Allison Janney, Anne Hathaway could create “Janney on Annie.”

14. Bon Jovi for the classics

When American rock legend Bon Jovi participated in this challenge, we knew it was a big deal. His elf is big-shot newsman Ron Burgundy, the main character in the American comedy movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

15. Carrey on Carey

Singer-songwriter Mariah Carey went all festive and chose the Grinch as her elf. The Grinch was the grumpy character played by the extraordinary Jim Carrey in the film How the Grinch Stole Christmas. In our opinion, Maria Carrey definitely won the most festive meme!

16. Hanks on Banks

American actress Elizabeth Banks, known for her role in The Hunger Games film series, was clearly inspired by Garcelle's original post. She shared an amusing “Hanks on Banks” meme, featuring Tom Hanks, who played Forrest Gump, as her elf.

17. Penn on Jen

Another hilarious take on the challenge was by the beautiful Jennifer Garner, who introduced #PennOnJen. She posted a pic with the dashing Sean Penn as her elf. We don’t know about you, but we think this challenge keeps getting better!

18. Nicole Kidman and Mick Jagger

The gorgeous, award-winning actress Nicole Kidman got her feet wet too and posted a picture with singer Mick Jagger as her elf. He is seen wearing a colorful ensemble and is seated in a not-so-serious meditative pose.

19. Two legends

It was fun seeing the legendary actor Morgan Freeman getting in on the act, too. He posted a picture showcasing his elf, basketball champ Michael Jordan, shooting a hoop in action. Choosing Jordan as an elf was a genius move!

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