... And the World Goes Gaga Over Chromatica

10th June, 2020

The exuberant singer Lady Gaga’s long-awaited sixth studio album Chromatica is here, and her little monsters can’t help but be stoked for her.

... And the World Goes Gaga Over Chromatica ERIK PENDZICH/SHUTTERSTOCK

Initially, set to be released on April 10th, Gaga announced a delay in launching her album because of the pandemic. Nonetheless, it’s finally here and with career-defining collaborations: “Rain on Me” featuring Ariana Grande, a team-up with the girl gang Blackpink on “Sour Candy,” and a duet on “Sine from Above” with Elton John. This 16-track album features an array of dance anthems that helped Gaga get back on her feet and heal her. If you’ve streamed it, we’d all agree it's her dance-floor return! Check out some of her fans’ positive and not-so-positive reactions to the hypnotic album.

1. Right in time for Pride Month, we say!

We all know Lady Gaga would take a bullet for the LGBTQ community, and here she is with the album of the era, giving her fans another reason to celebrate. She uses art and fashion as tools to achieve her aspirations and inspires people to achieve theirs. We stan a queen like her!

2. Gaga’s pop diehards longed to experience this!

After many delays and teases, Gaga held her status as a world-class singer and gave her fans just what they hoped for. The first album since Joanne in 2016, fans—(ahem) Tony Bennett—chime in to congratulate and celebrate Gaga on the new release.

3. It looks like this album is going to shine from above and everywhere

We all know John’s been Gaga’s biggest advocate, and the duet between these music legends was long overdue. Owing to a decade-long friendship and mutual admiration, Gaga and John give their fans some good ol’ electro-pop through their latest collaboration.

4. L-Signed from above?

Four days into the release and fans have already stacked up on their signed tape! However, there has been much debate over that languorous “L” sign sprawled across the record! Could you blame them, though?

5. Someone decided to tune out

Well, that’s a bold statement to make! While some fans may think it’s too much autotune, loyal fans stand corrected that the song is artistic, different, and a total Gaga trait. Well, she is no regular pop star, and that’s a fact!

6. Did we emphasize enough that it’s a dance-pop return?

Our very fashionable drag performer Aquaria loves grooving to ”Chromatica 911,” and so do we! Who would’ve thought a song about battling mental health could be packed with high energy. So, what are you waiting for? Do the boogie-woogie!

7. Oops! That’s gotta hurt

While some little monsters can totally relate to Chromatica, some don’t find it appealing to promote personal pain through dance-pop. And if that’s not enough, there are quite a few who think Gaga’s attempt feels a tad bit bland. Well, what can we say? To each his own.

8. Chromatica 911 is hands-down a fav among fans

While Gaga’s fans are living for her new album, 911 certainly seems to be a favorite among other tracks. Twitteratis can’t stop and won’t stop tweeting about their love for the song. Meanwhile, Marciano here has a vision to paint!

9. It’s “reigning” at No.1!

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s duet “Rain on Me” took the first place on the Billboard Hot 100 songs. It doesn’t surprise us that this makes for Gaga’s fifth and Grande’s fourth Hot 100 and rightly so!

10. An icon praising another icon? We wonder what that’s like!

Grande and Gaga gushed over each other on Twitter and let their fans know how they bonded over the hit song “Rain on Me.” Their fans added to this wholesome conversation, and we sure can say it’s an endless thread!

11. They struck a sweet note

“Sour Candy,” a collab between Blackpink and Lady Gaga was the most anticipated one among others in this album. The club anthem earned the Korean pop quartet its biggest hit on the Billboard Hot 100 to date, all thanks to Chromatica!

12. Fifty shades at Carino?

While we have fans raving about the other songs from the album, one track, in particular, has sparked more speculation. Many listeners think that “Fun Tonight” is more about Mother Monster’s toxic relationship with Christian Carino.

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