Celebrity Mansions We Could Totally Quarantine in

22nd May, 2020

Staying indoors during the quarantine equals boring. Add some light to your dull day, with these six celebrities’ mansions we wish we were quarantined in.

Celebrity Mansions We Could Totally Quarantine in Shutterstock

Most of us would go wild if we ever got the chance to meet our favorite celebs up close. But what about actually getting to live with them? Okay, okay, the idea seems a little far-fetched, but this quarantine has sent our imagination running wild. And so, we’ve listed six celebrities’ mansions we wished we were quarantined in. Now drop what you’re doing and immerse yourself inside these mansions that resemble nothing less than the Silver City. Who knows, you may even get inspired to make a few changes to the interiors of your home.

1. J.Lo brings her mansion to the floor

The pop music artist (@jlo) found the best 14,000-square-feet isolation spot to live in this quarantine. Her Bel Air mansion has seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and a big enough parking lot to house 13 cars or throw a mini party in our case.

2. Did someone live here before J.Lo?

Previous owner Sela Ward, the singer, had bought the mansion for a whopping $28M. J.Lo lives here with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez (@arod) and the kids enjoying a 30-seat amphitheater and a pub. This bel air mansion owes its French-country-style essence to the famous architect Samuel Marx.

3. The getaway isn’t too far away

4. Michael Jordan’s migrating houses

We all know who the greatest basketball star of all time was. He’s been trying to sell a 9,574-square-feet living space (@_celebrityhomes), studded with spiraling staircases, vaulted ceilings, and a room with a golf simulator, in Park City, Utah. Oh, how we’d love to live here, as much as we would in the one with the number “23” welded on its gate.

5. What’s behind gate “23?”

6. Going once, going twice, not sold?

7. A little bit of DeGeneres and Rossi

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This is how we Saturday.

A post shared by Ellen DeGeneres (@theellenshow) on Apr 4, 2020 at 1:33pm PDT

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Ellen DeGeneres’ (@theellenshow) and her wife at their crib, grab it. You will finally meet one of the funniest and smartest celebrities we’ve ever seen on live television.

8. Bonus: the couple has pets

9. Wait, there’s more

The duo shed $27M on a (@_celebrityhomes) Balinese-style mansion in the Montecito community of Santa Barbara. That’s almost half of what was the original asking price for this palace-like structure. It looks like the couple was able to strike quite the bargain.

10. A Die Hard fan of Bruce Willis?

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Keeping up with the news ???????? ????

A post shared by Bruce Willis (@brucewillisbw) on Jun 4, 2019 at 7:10am PDT

So are we. Recall the actor (@brucewillisbw), who played John McClane in the Die Hard series, ever so calmly reading the morning paper? But, when we saw his mansions, the calm drove itself right out of us. Go on, check them out.

11. His “Once Upon a Time,” Bedford Corners home

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????Брюс Уиллис продает дом под Нью-Йорком ????Бедфорд Корнерс ????12,95 млн. $ ????Участок 9,15 Га ????4 дома (2 главных - 832 кв.м. и 2 гостевых) ????12 спален ????Одна из самых высоких точек Бедфорда ????80-градусный вид на водохранилище Кротон и Гудзонские высоты ????Бассейн с морской водой ⛳Теннисный корт ????2 гаража _______________ ????Голливудский актер Брюс Уиллис ищет нового владельца для своей элитной недвижимости. Речь идет об участке площадью 22,6 акров (9,15 Га), на котором стоят четыре дома (два главных и два гостевых), два гаража, бассейн с морской водой, домик у бассейна и теннисный корт. Недвижимость была приобретена голливудской четой четыре года назад за 12 млн долларов. Участок расположен в местечке Бедфорд Корнерс в часе езды от Нью-Йорка. ????Главный дом имеет площадь 832 кв м и стоит на одной из самых высоких точек Бедфорда — холме, с которого открывается 180-градусный вид на водохранилище Кротон и Гудзонские высоты. Внутри — просторные светлые интерьеры, обставленные простой, но комфортной мебелью. В гостиной, столовой, объединенной с кухней, и спальнях есть камины. Всего в доме пять спален, а во всех четырех домах, находящихся на территории, их 12. _______ #gethome #недвижимость #элитнаянедвижимость #moscow #gethome_домазнаменитостей #бедфорд #домвбедфорде #ньюйорк #домподньюйорком #NewYork #bedford #bedfordhouses #брюсуиллис #домбрюсауиллиса #brucewillis #brucewillishouse #celebrityhouses #hollywoodcelebrities #hollywood

A post shared by Недвижимость (@gethome.ru) on Jun 20, 2019 at 3:23am PDT

The actor, with his wife Emma Heming Willis, had bought this 22-acre property (@gethome.ru) in 2014, and the couple sold it to an unidentified buyer for $7.66M in 2019, at $5.2M less than the original asking price. Would you have bought it if they’d dropped the price by a few more millions?

12. Why do we sell? To buy another, silly

In the same year, the couple upped their game with a 13,048-square-feet estate (@_celebrityhomes) in Brentwood, Los Angeles. This seven-bed, twelve-bath house, with a pool, spa, two cabanas, and a BBQ, is where the actor quarantines with the family. Guess it’s “Yippee-Ki-Yay” after all.

13. We couldn’t miss Celine Dion

We agree that Celine Dion (@celinedion) has inspired thousands of musicians globally. If you think her music is beautiful, wait till you see her mansion. Hold tightly onto something before you do because we don’t want you to fall off the chair and hurt yourself.

14. Indeed a sight for sore eyes

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#MansionMonday Check out Superstar singer Celine Dion’s former 5.7-acre oceanfront compound on Jupiter Island. ???? With 13 bedrooms, the buildings’ design was inspired by Bahamian architecture. The estate includes a 10,000-square-foot main residence complemented by a guest house, a tennis house, a beach house and a pool house. The oceanfront property fronts the main road through Jupiter Island. ???? One pool is directly on the ocean, and the two others are part of a private water park featuring spiral slides, a slow-moving “lazy river” and water cannons.????‍♂️ There is such beauty in South Florida, if you are looking to buy or sell, give us a call! Dory: (401) 965-7530 & Geraldine: (561) 603-6730 · · · #Faxonandstanko #faxonandstankorealestate #Luxuryrealestate #LuxuriousModernHouses #ModernHouses #ModernHouse #LuxuriousListings #LuxuryListings #RealEstate #OldPalm #OldPalmGolfClub #Modern #PalmBeach #PalmBeachRealEstate #DreamHome #mansions #DreamHomes #LuxuryLiving #SouthFlorida #Design #Architecture #Luxury #WorldClassLiving #celebrity #celebritymansion #ResidentRealtors #OldPalmRealEstate #DynamicDuo

A post shared by Faxon & Stanko Real Estate (@faxonandstankorealestate) on Feb 3, 2020 at 6:00pm PST

The couple spared no expense in fine-tuning this ocean-view mansion, they bought in 2010, to their liking. The massive compound (@faxonandstankorealestate) on Jupiter Island has it all: 13 bedrooms, a 10,000-square-feet principal residence, a beach house, a pool house, and more.

15. A memory that remains

The luxurious property (@_celebrityhome), just like any other, had the best amenities available where the lovely couple most needed it. But after enjoying almost a lifetime on the large property, the star sold it for $38M in 2017.

16. And finally, Shakira’s mansion

This Colombian musician (@shakira) owns several houses across the globe, including a villa in Barcelona and a private island in the Bahamas. But the one that’s caught our eye, during this quarantine, is the mansion in Miami.

17. We would live here “Whenever, Wherever”

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شاكيرا تعرض منزلها في ميامي للبيع بمبلغ 11 مليون دولار.. . عرضت مؤخراً المغنية الكولومبية اللبنانية الأصل شاكيرا منزلها الذي تعيش فيه حالياً مع زوجها جيرار بيكيه في مدينة ميامي الأمريكية للبيع بمبلغ يصل إلى 11.645 مليون دولار. وكانت شاكيرا قد اشترت هذا المنزل في عام 2001، بمبلغ 3.38 مليون دولار، وبعد بضع سنوات عرضته للإيجار بمبلغ 45 ألف دولار في الشهر. وفي عام 2016، عرضت شاكيرا المنزل للبيع بمبلغ 13.9 مليون دولار، إلأ أنها لم تجد مشتر له. ويقع المنزل على مساحة قدرها 800 متر مربع ويضم 6 حجرات نوم وعدد من الحمامات، صالة رياضية، وصالة للبلياردو، إلى جانب حمام سباحة، ومرسى خاص باليخوت مطل على خليج صغير على شاطىء ميامي. وقد قامت شاكيرا بشراء فيلا في وسط حي بيدرالبيس في أسبانيا بمبلغ 5 ملايين يورو، إلى جانب منزلها في جزر الباهاماس.. . #shakira #gerardpique #shakirahouse #shakiramansion #shakiramiami #houseforsale #realestate #miamibeach #miami #florida #usa

A post shared by Al Afkar Magazine (@alafkarmagazine) on Sep 6, 2018 at 9:45am PDT

Wow, just take a look at that mansion (@alafkarmagazine), a green spread of pure paradise. With six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a swimming pool facing the sea, and a billiards hall, this mansion was heavenly. But, like each of us, she strived for better.

18. So now even this mansion is up for grabs

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