Dua Lipa's 'Future Nostalgia' Making Our Quarantine Time Fly

07th May, 2020

Music has always been a saving grace and this time it’s no different. Dua Lipa’s new album Future Nostalgia is saving the world one pop song at a time.

Dua Lipa's 'Future Nostalgia' Making Our Quarantine Time Fly Christopher Polk/Rolling Stone/Shutterstock

2020 has been a rollercoaster with all the unexpected twists and turns. The world is stuck in their homes and we are all losing our minds a little more with each passing day. With social distancing in action, even celebrities are trying to find something to do. In the midst of all these dark clouds, Future Nostalgia turned out to be a silver lining. Dua Lipa’s album was released earlier than expected and has been blowing minds since then. It has been streamed over a million times by now. Here’s a glimpse of how people have received this album.

1. Magical experience

For a minute we thought we had started to Hallucinate. Quite a possibility when you have been listening to songs on a loop. We sure have been Levitating by the magic of this album.

2. On a mission to save the world

Being cooped up in our houses while isolating had us thinking we were nearing a certain apocalypse. You know, where we turn into zombies or something? And then came Dua Lipa’s album to our rescue.

3. What’s on her mind?

Future Nostalgia will soon be recognized as the saving grace of this quarantine period. It reintroduced us to the art of having fun. After all, it’s important to have fun.

4. Brilliant idea!

Now that’s called being proactive. Why delay the inevitable? We all know we won’t be missing out on the chance to listen to the tracks that got us through some tough times alive.

5. Possessed?

What can we say to this? You do you girl! These songs do hold that kind of power and we aren’t about to deny the fact that we have been dancing all this while, too.

6. Maybe not?

Aaahhhh... But we have to stay in! So, let’s just grab a glass of wine, pretend it’s Christmas, and start moving to the best pop music we have heard in a while. We are already high on these tracks!

7. Knowledge worth sharing

Future Nostalgia is a PSA we did not know we needed. It is saving lives, reviving people, and keeping them from stepping out, out of sheer boredom. This kind of service is definitely worth going down in history.

8. Should we call in sick?

This tweet here perfectly sums up our thoughts right now. Video calling our friends to dance to Future Nostalgia is a mood. You’ll never know how many times we needed to write this.

9. Change of plans

Dua Lipa is saving us from boredom. She even resuscitated our dead souls by bringing life to daily chores. We have vacuumed the house thrice already. All hail the queen of revival.

10. And the award goes to…

We suggest nominating the album, the singer, the songs for every award possible. We mean, if you haven’t been listening to Future Nostalgia, how are you even surviving right now?

11. Essentials only

Whatever helps you survive is considered essential. With Dua Lipa helping us all survive the apocalyptic insanity, she sure is essential. That’s our favorite unpopular opinion of the day and we challenge you to change our mind.

12. Don’t break the quarantine

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate how much Dua Lipa is trying to educate and encourage everyone to not break the quarantine and stay at home. The next time you itch to step out, remember the queen’s sage advice.

13. Have some fun

Future Nostalgia is full of songs telling us to stay put inside our homes. Let us all do just that. In case you need more reasons, we suggest you revisit Don’t Start Now and Break My Heart.

14. True footage of us all

This is probably what the Future Nostalgia lineup did to us when it was released. We were all this close to dying out boredom. Seriously, not kidding. Breathing better now.

15. Give it all

No one can deny the effect these newly dropped songs have been having. The fact that the song really does talk about and support the LGBTQ community is a cake to the cherry.

16. Did someone say dance party?

What if the neighbors are just secretly jealous, Zach? Check to see if they are interested in a good old neighborhood dance party or maybe a singalong? Try that, guy!

17. From one queen to another

Our little fan hearts are ready to jump out. *Wiping away the teary eyes* Look at them uplifting and complimenting each other! We should all learn from our favorites. FYI, Camila, they are our favorites too!

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