Fans Go Nuts as Samuel L. Jackson's Voice Becomes a Feature on Alexa

15th July, 2020

Last year, the e-commerce giant announced that Oscar-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson would be the first celebrity voice for its virtual assistant, Alexa.

Fans Go Nuts as Samuel L. Jackson's Voice Becomes a Feature on Alexa Amazon Alexa

If it hadn’t been for the unfortunate events that have shaped 2020, Amazon’s Alexa would have had quite a star-studded cast. The company announced the celebrity voice program at the end of September last year, with Samuel L. Jackson being the first popular voice of Alexa. While Amazon has not been able to add more celebs to the list, users don’t really seem disappointed, thanks to Jackson’s voice and cussing. The iconic Hollywood star was widely embraced as the first voice for the virtual assistant. Moreover, users can’t seem to get over the explicit version.

1. The hype was real

When the news first broke out, people were visibly excited. @SH_221bBSt and thousands of other users immediately voiced their appreciation for a star who’s adored and respected by one and all.

2. You got your wish, @WyldeHeartedSon

Amazon obviously knew it wouldn’t make sense to have Jackson’s voice without his iconic remarks. The platform had released two versions of the feature: a clean and an explicit one. Users can easily switch between the two from the Alexa app.

3. Name a better investment… we’ll wait

Didn’t find any, did you? Well, because there isn’t! @hemal is absolutely spot on, and many would agree. Samuel L. Jackson’s voice costs just about $0.99 as part of an introductory offer, after which the price would be $4.99. Not bad, right?

4. Oh, Amanda! Let us take over

For those of you who had the same misconception as @SoCalBillsMafia, hear us out. Jackson has only lent his voice to the virtual assistant, not replaced it. This new “skill” acquired by Alexa isn’t applicable everywhere. I mean, imagine Jackson yelling out your shopping list.

5. “Mankind is the virus, and I’m the cure.”

As far as pep talks go, Samuel Jackson can deliver the best one out there. His ferocious demeanor shines through that confident voice and motivates people to keep it going. You concur, @NiaWong?

6. You’re lucky he didn’t swear, @kslosh

When you ask Jackson what it's like outside, or how to make sandwiches, or what his favorite time of the day is, you’re asking for trouble. The man has transcended such questions. Thankfully, he will keep his nerve and not swear, for once!

7. Why didn’t we think of that?

Gotta hand it to you, @GhastlyDope. You absolute piece of art! Sam’s voice is definitely legendary and gets our blood pumping. Fortunately, it doesn’t cost much to get him on Alexa.

8. The director of everyone

Tony Stark might not agree, but what can we do? Like @kevreasner, the rest of us actually like Nick Fury and wouldn’t mind having him over 24x7. It could get slightly complicated, especially if he invites his superhero friends over.

9. 0:17 is our favorite

Have a look at @_marcba’s hilarious post to know what we’re talking about. Very few things define Jackson better than his unending love for the word and the many ways he throws it around.

10. Christmas with Jackson

Clearly, @jbnunn had a blast last Christmas. And why not, when you’ve got Mr. Cool bringing you the best of Christmas carols. Can’t wait to spend our Holidays with Jackson already!

11. How to cook under pressure

At first, we were just as happy as @Cat_Headley to learn that Sam could help us out in the kitchen. However, the realization soon dawned, and we’re not really sure if we could hold back the tears if Sam starts hurling instructions while we cook.

12. There’s your ideal disciplinarian

@CMartSpeaks is damn right! Oversleeping is a major problem for many of us, and getting an Alexa with Jackson’s electrifying, thunderous voice might do the trick. Imagine dreaming of those beautiful realms and suddenly, out of nowhere, BAM!

13. Gods, no! Not again

Points to @CreamyButters for being the only one to get Jackson slightly nervous in there. The legendary actor has starred in a number of blockbusters, including Snakes on a Plane, Pulp Fiction, and Django Unchained, among others.

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