Halle Berry Backs Out of Transgender Film Role After Backlash

10th July, 2020

Halle Berry shot to infamy after letting the cat out of the bag about her future project. Thanks to netizens, the actor had time to rethink her decision.

Halle Berry Backs Out of Transgender Film Role After Backlash Shutterstock

In the past, many controversies have risen about cis actors misrepresenting roles. There is Elle Fanning in 3 Generations , Matt Bomer in Anything , Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club . And let’s not forget Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl . The number of controversies rising brings up the issue of wrong representation, which adds to the cultural divide. The recent addition to this list is Halle Berry, who announced her intention of playing a trans character. Thanks to the woke Twitterati, she has been rethinking her plans.

1. Halle Berry graced our phone screens not very long ago in a live interview with hairstylist Christin Brown. In this particular interview, the actress revealed some hair secrets and also let out her plans on a project she was looking forward to.

2. Halle talks about taking up the role of a transgender man in a project that was pitched to her some time ago. Her reasoning being she wanted to take a “deep dive” and understand “that world,” aka the trans community.

3. Another part of the announcement that did not sit well was that the actress repeatedly referred to the character of the trans male as a woman. Along with the wrong representation, this is being seen as disrespectful among the community.

4. People had a lot to say about Halle’s plans. Among those tweets was a suggestion by the official account of a Netflix documentary. Disclosure urged Halle to take a look at their material before she made a decision. Good going, Disclosure!

5. To those unaware, Disclosure documents the effects miscasting of cis people in trans role has on the non-binary community. It explains how the inability to represent these characters rightly has repercussions, not restricted to opportunities.

6. Sam Feder, the director of the documentary, too, very supportively asked Berry to look into the Netflix offering. Feder says, “Often people don’t know what they don’t know. And that’s okay.”

7. Actor Jamie Clayton, who delivered a powerful performance in Netflix’s Sense8, urged Halle Berry to watch the documentary and share it with her close ones. We love the idea of fighting for them and not against them.

8. Halle Berry wasn’t one to waste time. On Monday, the Oscar winner announced that she was no longer considering the role. She also said she would keep learning and grow from her mistakes. Graceful move, indeed!

9. The Disclosure fam was quick to thank Berry for her understanding and her openness to take their suggestion. This comes as a huge win for the trans community and their allies.

10. GLAAD, a community of, by, and for gender-inclusive people, were appreciative of Halle Berry’s decision to step back. GLAAD has been working to bring equality to people of the LGBTQA+ community, and they, too, recommend Disclosure to everyone.

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