Here’s How These Celebs Splurged Their First-Ever Paycheck

22nd September, 2020

No matter what your first job was, first paychecks are always bittersweet. Believe it or not, celebs feel the same way.

Here’s How These Celebs Splurged Their First-Ever Paycheck Shutterstock

Read on to see who bought what. The moment you get your job, your brain races with ideas on how to spend your paycheck. A new phone or shoes? Whatever you buy, you will invariably possess an attachment towards it, even if it were a pair of socks. Similarly, for celebs, splurges from their first hefty paycheck modified their lifestyle and defined their taste. From expensive cars to candies, here’s a list of what celebs bought with their first paycheck.

1. Kelly Rowland

2. Gucci Mane

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Growing up, money was always tight for Gucci Mane. His childhood was rough, and he never lived in a stable environment. So, when he got his first hefty paycheck, he decided to get himself a sweet, yellow Corvette.

3. Cindy Crawford

Yesteryear’s supermodel Cindy Crawford has appeared on numerous fashion magazine covers throughout her career. She spent her first paycheck on wallpaper for her home. Wise investment, we must say!

4. Lil Nas X

Last year, Lil Nas X’s mega-hit song “Old Town Road” became the longest-running song on Billboard’s Hot 100. When he got his first hefty paycheck, he took his immediate and extended family out for bowling. Cute, no?

5. Donald Glover

The “This Is America” singer, Childish Gambino was brought up in a strict household. So when he landed a job as a writer for 30 Rock and got his first paycheck, he bought himself lots of candies.

6. Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint made a whopping $70 million, thanks to the successful Harry Potter franchise. So what does a kid buy with so much money? Their childhood dream, obviously! In Rupert’s case, that happened to be a cool ice cream truck.

7. Matt LeBlanc

The Friends star only had $11 in his wallet when he first auditioned for the show. So, when he received his paycheck, he treated himself with some hot dinner. Now we know why Joey doesn’t share food.

8. Johnny Deppe

9. Shaquille O’Neal

10. Serena Williams

Instead of splurging her hard-earned money on expensive things, this tennis legend decided to save not some but all of it. Her first million-dollar check went straight into her bank account. Wise decision, Serena.

11. Rami Malek

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