Jason Momoa as Frosty Makes Twitter Wonder if it's Hot or Cold

27th July, 2020

Wondering how Jason Momoa would fit Frosty’s description? Well, so is Twitter. Here are some wild theories from Twitter about Momoa lending his voice.

Jason Momoa as Frosty Makes Twitter Wonder if it's Hot or Cold Matt Baron/​Shutterstock

To everyone who has been thinking about how weird this year has been, we have some news for you. Our favorite merman made headlines as he moved bases from water to snow! Confused? Jason Momoa has been cast to voice Frosty the Snowman in a live action-CGI hybrid movie set to release in 2022. But since Twitter did not read the fine print, they had some wild thoughts, opinions, and assumptions.

1. @ItsRemyJer, we are on board with this plan. Can someone get this message across to the movie-makers, so that they can ditch all the hard work and just let us witness Momoa in all his glory?

2. @stella_stagaki might be onto something here! The man can get steam billowing even underwater. How is he going to keep the snow intact? Isn’t it gonna melt? Let’s thank technology, eh?

3. Our friend @natalieroth was here to take no prisoners. This Twitterati is here to give us a piece of her mind, and we can’t argue with what she has to say. She put every one of us in our rightful places.

4. You know, @IntoTheSkyStorm is right. This year has been a wild roller coaster ride, and it only seems to up-ing the weird quotient. Let’s just blame all the craziness on the year. This year is going down in history and how!

5. We have all been so wrapped up contemplating Warner Bros’ decision that we forgot something crucial. And @doofwrites wasn’t ready to let that slip. Let us all think about that now!

6. Thanks to @JordanF01069055, we might never be able to wash off this impossibly possible image of Frosty. TBH, we might even end up a little disappointed if this is not what the final version looks like.

7. @simbonita’s version is just as good. A giant-looking snowman with muscles we can only imagine. However, this is more fitting if we were aiming for “weird dreams come true” rather than just “Jason Momoa is the new VOICE of Frosty.”

8. Guess some of us are still struggling to disassociate Jason Momoa from Khal Drogo. Or the JL superhero, for that matter. How else can you justify @errydaystruggle’s thought process? Frosty is a dear old snowball, why would he go on a killing spree?!?

9. Can we all have a round of applause for @ThisIsHendrick? In 2020, this, too, makes sense. Just one question, though—why were they trying to freeze the man in the first place?

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