Kanye for President Cuz Can't Tell Him Nothing

28th July, 2020

At the stroke of six, on July 5th, Kanye West tweeted his plans to run for president this year. Naturally, it wasn't yeezy for netizens to keep calm!

Kanye for President Cuz Can't Tell Him Nothing Cindy Barrymore/Shutterstock

Within a week of teasing the album God’s Country , Kanye took to Twitter to announce his run for president in the 2020 election. What inevitably followed was a massive uproar on Twitter. The fact that the rapper hasn’t even formed a campaign committee or registered with the FEC has got people calling his post a mere publicity stunt. Others are recalling the 2015 VMAs when Kanye announced in his speech that he would run for president in 2020 as he accepted his Video Vanguard Award. Should we have taken him seriously? Look at these reactions to find out!

1. Revised national anthem

Twitteratis are having a field day after Kanye’s outlandish announcement! With hilarious memes surfacing, there has been much conjecture about the reforms the rapper will bring about if he does become the president. @Ayoub_Jouihri here is positive that the rapper's #2020VISION will have him modifying the national anthem.

2. A noteworthy tweet by Elon Musk

The co-founder and CEO of Tesla @elonmusk was almost too quick to endorse the music mogul. Predictably, there was no dearth of jokes on Elon Musk—who had once called Kanye his biggest inspiration—for supporting the rapper in his endeavor to run for president.

3. We want Taylor Swift for president!

Murray (@murray_nyc) substantiates his Twitter post with reasons. He says Taylor has 3x more followers than Kanye. He adds that she is way more rational than...wait for it… both of them combined! At least if Swift doesn’t win, we’ll get a new song about it.

4. Remembering the $53 million debt

Although Kanye scrambled out of the jaws of debt, the amount was huge! In fact, in 2016, he had asked Mark Zuckerberg to invest a billion dollars in his ideas. Like @jennycohn1 pointed out, we find it hard to fathom how he managed to pay his dues in three years.

5. A ploy to refract votes away from Biden

Our friend @kjmaje here is convinced that Kanye’s run for the presidency is only a distraction to take votes away from Biden. The presidential elections are turning out to be a riveting game of chess, and Kanye surely seems to be the queen in this game.

6. A little too late

After the rapper took to Twitter to announce his news, Marques Brownlee (@MKHBD), a tech Youtuber, pointed out that Kanye was a wee bit late for this election. It’s true. The deadline to register as an independent has long passed in six states. In the remaining seven states, the deadline is soon approaching.

7. Giving up on the US

A hilarious meme of US Senator Kamala Harris's reaction to Kanye’s plans to run for president is doing the rounds on Twitter. It’s evident that @people4kam worries about the state of the country after Obama's presidency.

8. Kanye West’s comment on slavery

As @ScottIsThatGuy pointed out, we obviously aren’t going to forget Kanye’s controversial opinion on slavery. He eventually did express regret on a Chicago radio station for the comment he made, when he received backlash. He said, “I don’t know if I properly apologized for how that slave comment made people feel.”

9. This tweet ironically quotes the rapper’s lyrics

These are the lyrics to Kanye’s single, "I Love Kanye." Other than the narcissism for which he is known for, this is also a song about self-reflection. @Muscled_Black tweeted it back to Kanye, probably asking him to reflect on his actions.

10. If he can, my cat can!

Do you remember when Limberbutt McCubbins, a tabby cat, registered with the FEC to run for president? The law doesn’t say no to feline presidential candidates. So, we won’t be surprised if @caution_doggo’s cat runs for president. It’s 2020 after all!

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