The Crown: 21+ Times The Netflix Show Captured Princess Diana Perfectly

26th November, 2020

The Crown ’s latest season might have ended, but we haven’t had enough of it. Here are 40 times the show managed to perfectly represent the People’s Princess.

The Crown: 21+ Times The Netflix Show Captured Princess Diana Perfectly Netflix

The Netflix docu-drama, The Crown , has reached its fourth season, and there is a lot to be said about it. The series introduces new faces in the story, and our favorite has to be Lady Di. The combination of Corrin with the rest of the cast blurred the line between real life and reel life. The season is full of angst, love, heartbreak, betrayal, and everything else. Here are a few things that The Crown absolutely nailed

1. The comfort look

In real-life, this outfit was pictured when the prince and princess were taking a leisurely walk. In reel life, it is pictured during her stay at the Balmoral, where she was being scrutinized under the infamously dubbed, Balmoral test. Nonetheless, the costume department aced it.

2. The choosing fit

One of the outfits the show gets just right is the all-blue look Diana dons while choosing her engagement ring. Needless to say, it is a huge moment for the fans of Diana, who had a chance to get their memories refreshed.

3. The selection process

Episode three has us in awe as we watched Lady Diana pick out her engagement ring from a spread presented to her. While the impressed looks on their faces are confined to the show, the reasons for choosing explained by the soon-to-be Princess are true.

4. Engagement press

The Crown has refreshed a lot of memories people have of the late princess. This one, however, not many of us paid attention to. The comment passed by Prince Charles during their first engagement interview seems shocking even today.

5. Friendly lunch dates

Episode three of the latest season brings us the lunch date between the wife and the not-so-former love interest of the prince. It might seem constructed out of thin air, but the lunch date did happen. How it went down, though, is a different story, as both parties have their own versions to tell.

6. Ménage à Trois

Since we’re talking about the seemingly “friendly” lunches, the princess and Parker Bowles did actually get together at a place called Ménage à Trois (Yes, you read that right). The establishment was targeted toward women and served only appetizers and desserts. Strange, right?

7. Yellow

The events here are different; the colors are not quite the same. But what The Crown managed to recreate perfectly is the essence of the events. And although this dress is not as bright as the original one, it does the trick and reminds us of it.

8. The wedding – A ceremony or an event?

As grandiose as the wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales was, it was for a reason. And The Crown depicts that perfectly. The time was of trials and turbulence, and the ceremony was grabbed with both hands to make things right.

9. The gown

We will never ever be able to tell you how many people admire Lady Diana’s famous wedding gown. The recreation of it might not be down to the T, but it certainly does the job. The Crown gets brownie points for this gown alone.

10. The lady in pink

We might not have confirmation that our favorite lady of the palace roller-skated through her not-so-humble abode while listening to Duran-Duran. But we do know that she wore a similar Pink outfit at least once. And instead of a walkman, she was holding her toddler.

11. The eating disorder

The Princess of Wales’s struggle with Bulimia is common knowledge today. However, back in the day, it was a secret open to the royals. The show’s focus on her eating disorder and how it intensified when troubles brewed in her marriage is one of the most real portrayals we know of.

12. The chilling support

What anyone expects of their family is support, mentally, emotionally, and professionally. While Diana did not seem to lack the latter, she was certainly not gifted with the former two. It would be safe to say that she really was greeted with cold shoulders.

13. The struggles

The problem the People’s Princess faced as a royal family member does not end with her eating disorder. No, her postpartum depression and the lack of attention was so deep that she even admitted to having once thrown herself down a flight of stairs.

14. The lilac look

Before the sensational dance performance and the fallout, Princess Diana was seen in a lilac gown. The gown has been as iconic as the lady, and in recreating it The Crown successfully revoked our interest.

15. Diana’s not-so-impressive dance routine

The Crown shows our favorite lady dancing to Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girls.” And as much as we loved her sass and style, it wasn’t as impressive to the prince. According to her biography, the prince didn’t appreciate the impromptu spectacle.

16. Too brave or too naive?

According to The Crown, Lady Diana is not really a smart coin to pick. The cultural differences and lack of “Royal upbringing” played a part in the couple’s trouble-filled marriage. The princess once said, “I’m as thick as a plank.”

17. Australia heat

Although the marital troubles between the prince and princess were never truly a secret, it became apparent on their trip to Australia. Recounting Diana: In Her Own Words, the princess did admit to having gotten into a row over a pair of gifted cufflinks.

18. Family time

One of the few happy moments in the duo’s marriage, particularly their trip to Australia, has been recreated by the Netflix Docu-drama The Crown. The two had brought along Prince Williams for the tour and were seen sharing some quality family time.

19. The Tartan treat

If you think we have been fangirling over the looks being recreated on the show, you are 100% correct. Can you blame us, though? The show’s costume creators have put in a lot of effort to make things seem real, and it shows!

20. Shocking blue

There are hardly any gowns Lady Diana wore that we do not remember. But if there was one that had been hiding in the crevices of our memories, this show has managed to bring it back to the forefront. Just like it did with this blue one.

21. The blue bow

The princess wore this while on her trip to Australia. A lot happened over that trip; fights, happy moments, and family time. But through it all, her outfits were as brilliant as ever. And The Crown did replicate this one well.

22. Wrapping it

One of the scenes in the series has us clutching our seats in anticipation of what is to come. Dressed in an almost identical wrap dress, reel life Princess Diana is seen confronting Prince Charles about their broken relationship.

23. The red head-turner

The events might be mixed, but the outfits are a delight to see! For people who knew the late princess's wardrobe as well as their own, watching The Crown is a hoot and a half. Case in point: the red gown that never lost people’s interest.

24. Who’s got the green eyes

One thing no one knew of was the jealousy that brewed inside Prince Charles, thanks to all the attention being showered on Princess Diana. It might seem trivial, but while the princess was lapping it all up, the prince was being sidelined by the media.

25. AIDS aid

Back in the day, when the Princesses started to work towards the betterment of AIDS patients, the world wasn’t all that accepting. The myths and misconceptions around the disease and the LGBTQA+ community were somewhat busted, thanks to a royal playing their ally. So yes, it really was a big deal.

26. The city girl

On her trip to the Big Apple, Diana made heads turn and jaws drop when she was seen in a shimmering white gown. We would say we had a similar response to Emma Corrin on The Crown wearing the gown. But so did you!

27. Check that suit

The real life Princess Diana wore a pink checkered suit that we would kill for, tbh. On the other hand, the reel life princess Diana wore a somewhat similar checkered multicolored suit. And, in our opinion, she killed it.

28. The sacred bond

Amid The Crown's portrayal of all things Royal, one thing stands out to be unclear. Did Lady Di actually go through the ”Balmoral Test” or not. Aside from that one detail, it is fairly clear that Prince Philip was rather fond of her.

29. Peter Pan pick

Peter Pan collars were really a thing. If you don’t believe us, here’s some proof. Take a look at how The Crown has recreated one of the chicest Princess Diana outfits. The tartan dress does amazing things for the lace collar.

30. Jumpers are it

Princess Diana wore a lot of jumpers, and we loved them all! They might not be in vogue today, but they worked perfectly at that time. And, not so surprisingly, it also works for her reel life portrayer. Wonder where we could get ourselves this outfit.

31. Beachy vibes

The yellow sundress Lady Diana wore had evenly distributed spots of white, while the one on The Crown is just more yellow. Nonetheless, the style and structure of the two are exactly the same, making it difficult for us to hold it above their heads.

32. Floral chic

This floral number seen on The Crown is a combination of two dresses Lady Di wore. The print on the dress reminds us of her love for florals, and the style is a copy of one of her iconic red dresses. Although it’s safe to say all her dresses are iconic.

33. The Hewitt connection

The details of Princess Diana and Major James Hewitt’s affair have never been clear. But the show does put light on how the Queen found out about the prince and princess’s affairs. The details may still be awry, but the affair was real.

34. Final Warning

The finale of The Crown S4 is just as gripping as we had imagined. Although Prince Philip’s threat did happen, it came in the form of a letter and not in-person. The letter also allegedly said that she should “help maintain the dignity of the crown.”

35. The Black Elegance

Prince Charles did not like Princess Diana wearing black. At the end of this rollercoaster, Lady Diana, dealing with a storm of emotions, wore this stunning black gown to a Christmas celebration. She wore it as an indication of the fight to come.

36. The lady herself

Before we move onto “things” that The Crown got right, let us say this: Emma Corrin was born to bring the People’s Princess back to life. Right from her hair and mannerisms to her charm, everything is just there.

37. The first meeting

We believe it to be public knowledge that the prince was initially courting the other Spencer lady. The princess, who we all grew fond of, came into the picture later. However, they did cross paths, thanks to Di’s elder sister Sarah Spencer.

38. The bonding

It was Diana’s empathy that brought the two together initially. Diana reportedly went up to the prince to offer her condolences after he lost his father-figure and his mentor, Lord Mountbatten. It played its part in bringing the two together.

39. Pressing it

With her Diana-like appearance, we are fairly convinced that Emma Corrin has nailed the portrayal of our favorite lady. Take a peek at this look The Crown replicated when Princess Diana was pictured by the press.

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