This is What Adrienne Maloof Has Been up to Since Her Divorce

01st December, 2020

Ever wonder what happened to Adrienne Maloof? She was a regular in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . Here’s the lowdown on what she is up to now.

This is What Adrienne Maloof Has Been up to Since Her Divorce Startraks/Shutterstock

Lately, many of us here have been binge-watching (or guilt-watching) The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH). We just couldn’t get over the drama that Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif brought on screen. After Adrienne left the show, gossip mills churned out speculations of ugly divorce negotiations between the two. If you’re wondering what she has been doing now, you are not alone. Here are the deets on what Adrienne Maloof Young has been up to and what makes her so famous.

1. Launched a line of handbags and shoes

While she was still a part of the reality show, many couldn’t help but admire her style in shoes. It came as no surprise to see her start her own shoe line, Maloof Hoof. Following her divorce, she started her line of handbags as well.

2. Still wondering why Adrienne Maloof’s so famous? Here’s why…

She is one of the originals from the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She’s been in the show from season 1 to 3, along with other super-popular celebs, including Yolanda Hadid.

3. She’s super-rich

Adrienne is worth almost $75 million. Most of what she owns is through various companies and brands owned by the Maloof family. Plus, she has her own line of shoes, handbags, and fashion accessories. She earned almost $400,000 from each season of RHOBH.

4. Launched a luxury jewelry collection

Keeping up with her dignified fashion sensibilities, Adrienne launched a range of jewelry. This luxurious collection includes gorgeous and affordable pieces of sparkly bling. It has been designed in collaboration with Anto G, the CEO of Giantto Group.

5. Hosted a Democratic debate at the family-owned casino, The Palms

Adrienne’s family are Democrats. Along with her family, she hosted one of the CNN Democratic Presidential Debate at their Vegas casino, The Palms, during the 2016 elections in the US.

6. Did a Shane’s Inspiration 5k walk

The original RHOBH alum showed her support for a good cause by participating in Shane’s Inspiration 5K walk. She completed the walk with her oldest son, Gavin. Shane’s Inspiration is a non-profit based in California that works to create inclusive playgrounds for kids.

7. Kissed Mario Lopez for $25,000

Many tabloids had a field day with this headline, but it seems everything was for a good cause. At a charity event in 2013, the star of Saved by The Bell was auctioning off kisses. Adrienne bid a whopping $25,000.

8. Supported Biden-Harris

While most members of RHOBH have never been outwards vocal about their political leanings, Adrienne is one of the exceptions. Along with speaking about voter rights, she has publicly expressed her support for Biden-Harris.

9. Got fired from RHOBH

Following a feud with another member of the cast, Adrienne interviewed with a gossip magazine, breaking the show’s agreement. Thus, she had to be fired. She also reportedly refused to be part of the reunion episode.

10. Her secret was outed on RHOBH

One of the tensest moments of RHOBH was when Brandi Glanville spilled Adrienne’s personal details on screen. Brandi revealed that Adrienne had her twins through surrogacy. Adrienne’s lawyers made the producers of the show bleep this out before the episode went on air.

11. Heiress of the Maloof family

The Maloof family is a prominent part of the Las Vegas family of business property owners. They’re worth at least $1 billion dollars. Adrienne is a co-owner of some of the major business holdings of the family.

12. Vocal about voting rights in the 2020 Presidential Election

Adrienne, like her family, is a Democrat. Throughout the 2020 Presidential Elections, she had been strongly vocal about voting rights. She used all her platforms across social media to talk about the elections, the voting process, and voter rights.

13. Supports LGBT equality

The RHOBH alum supports equal rights for the LGBTQ community. Recently, she participated in the silent photographic protest, NOH8 Campaign. The protest was created by Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley in response to Proposition 8.

14. Ardent animal lover

Adrienne has rescued and adopted several pets over the years. Her Instagram is filled with posts of her five dogs, two of which are German shepherds. She has also started Adrienne Maloof Camp Kindness, a program that teaches underprivileged children to care for animals.

15. Co-owner of a casino

Adrienne’s family, the Maloofs, owns one of the most posh casinos in Las Vegas, The Palms Casino Resort. She is a co-owner of this hotel casino located in Paradise, Nevada.

16. Former co-owner of a sports franchise

Adrienne, along with her brothers, owned the NBA Team Sacramento Kings. The team has been owned by the Maloof family since 1998. However, in 2013, the family transferred the ownership to a Sacramento investor Group led by Vivek Ranadive.

17. Vocal against police violence

The former member of RHOBH has expressed her support for the Black Lives Matter movement. She has been vocal against police violence as well. On Instagram, she showed her support for Campaign Zero, a non-profit working to end police violence.

18. From a messy divorce to a happy ending

Adrienne and Paul spent most of Season 1-3 on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) constantly bickering. The divorce that followed was expectantly messy. But the couple buried the hatchet, attended several counseling sessions, and are now best friends!

19. Raising three sons

After her messy first divorce, Adrienne reportedly went for counseling and, allegedly, so did Paul. The result: Both are now on good terms and together raising their three sons, Gavin and twins Christian and Colin.

20. Stepped out of reality TV

Following her divorce, Adrienne moved away from reality TV. But the world of television is hard to leave behind. It is speculated that she might come back sooner or later.

21. But still makes a cameo

Although she left the show, Adrienne still makes occasional appearances on the reality show. In the current season, she made a really tiny appearance, which was basically a blink-and-you-miss moment.

22. Still a Beverly Hill resident

She may have left the show, but Adrienne still lives in Beverly Hills. She is often spotted running into the former Housewives on the show. Quite recently, she was seen at a party with another original Housewife Camille Grammer with her fiancé.

23. Got a new home in Beverly Hills

Way back when they were together, Adrienne and Paul shared a grand home in Beverly Hills. The house was a French chateau-inspired mansion. They sold the house in 2012 after splitting up. Adrienne now has an equally amazing house in Beverly Hills.

24. Penchant for lemons

We swear it’s not as weird as it sounds. Adrienne Maloof’s new property boasts of some superb lemon trees. According to some hot gossip doing the rounds, the lemons might make a fellow former Real Housewife a bit envious.

25. Appeared in Life After Bravo

A digital series, Life After Bravo, features former reality TV celebrities. Adrienne appeared as one of these “Bravolebrities” who opens up about their time on reality TV. Also, she talked about what she’s been doing since RHOBH.

26. Escaped a freaky minor accident

In 2013, Adrienne had a bit of a scare as a studio light burst during an interview. She was interviewing with Brooke Anderson when a light got too hot and popped, exploding. A startled Adrienne tried to run but fell and injured her knee.

27. A brief fling

Right after her divorce with Paul was finalized, Adrienne jumped back into the dating scene. She dated Sean Steward, the son of Ron Steward, briefly for a couple of months. The short-lived fling was publicized, grabbing a lot of paparazzi headlines.

28. Moved on from Sean

Moving on from Sean quite quickly, Adrienne started going out with Jacob Busch in 2013. Jacob, whose family owns the brewing company Anheuser-Busch, is 25 years younger than Adrienne. They were going on and off until 2019.

29. Moved on from Jacob

It’s not known when exactly Adrienne and Jacob split up. But according to latest reports, Jacob is currently dating Pitch Perfect actor Rebel Wilson. Adrienne is now in a steady relationship with someone new, according to an interview with Life After Bravo.

30. Launched a cupcake-flavored vodka

Curious what red velvet vodka would taste like? Well, Adrienne Maloof did launch a cupcake-based vodka called Zink Vodka. It was released right after her divorce with Paul was finalized. However, Zink failed to make a mark in the beverage market.

31. Owner of a hangover supplement

Adrienne’s family, the Maloofs, own several businesses. In fact, they have been a successful business family for more than 150 years. Just like her family, Adrienne started a new business venture for hangover supplements, Never Too Hungover. The supplements are now called Drinkade.

32. Became the face of Drinkade

These days Adrienne is busy shooting for her family’s in-house brand, Drinkade. It’s a health drink brand that is marketed to cure hangovers. Her Insta page is full of BTS of the ad shoots.

33. Worked against school shootings

Sometime back, the RHOBH alum started to work with Congress to prevent incidents of mass school shootings. Adrienne used her platform to work towards a solution for gun violence prevention at schools.

34. Championed for Canines for School Safety program

As a part of her work to prevent gun violence in schools, Adrienne has been vocal about having specially trained K-9s in schools. The program called Canines for School Safety proposes that schools should have specially trained canines to detect and prevent gun-related violence.

35. Co-produced two Hollywood films

Before her divorce, Adrienne had already co-produced a film with her brother in 2005. After splitting up with Paul Nassif, she got back into film production. She has produced two projects, Short Notice (2019) and Betty White’s Off Their Rockers (2012).

36. Hosted a fundraiser for LA’s firefighters

Adrienne lives in LA, a place that is victim to the Southern Californian wildfires. She has been rescued by the local firefighters several times. So, to honor them, she hosted a holiday fundraiser at her home in 2019.

37. Wrote newspaper editorials

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum has been quite vocal about the prevention of gun violence in the country. She has generously used her platforms to discuss solutions. This includes writing some heartfelt editorials for newspapers and magazines, including “Sun-Sentinel” and “Washington Examiner.”

38. Hosted DEA to fight against opioid crisis

Adrienne has been quite active when it comes to voicing social causes. She opened up her beautiful home to host the DEA in 2018. The event was organized to create awareness about the opioid crisis in the country.

39. Say No Bullying ambassador

Children’s causes are quite close to Adrienne’s heart. She regularly attends fundraisers for LA’s Children’s Hospital. Similarly, she became one of the celebrity ambassadors of the initiative against bullying, Say NO Bullying. She attends the Say NO Bullying festival every year in LA.

40. Became meme star

Remember the episode where Adrienne scrubs a chicken with soap? The COVID19 pandemic brought back this scene as a meme, with many of us cleaning everything with soap. Adrienne took this meme star status with grace when she reposted it on her page.

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