Twitter Titters at Gigi Hadid's Passion Project

13th August, 2020

Gigi Hadid shared a glimpse of her newly decorated home with her fans. The colorful and quirky NYC apartment has divided the Internet like never before.

Twitter Titters at Gigi Hadid's Passion Project Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

The Internet is a drain clogged with too many opinions. Yes, we are aware that that’s not how the saying goes, but you can’t deny that it is befitting. First, the Internet got busy discussing the supermodel’s pregnancy, and then they focused on why she wasn’t sharing her journey and experience with the world. And now that she invited people into her home, people got busy criticizing and appreciating her decor choices. Honestly, these tweets will tell you that you cannot please everyone.

1. What’s your horror story?

@danieljbillo, you put our thoughts into words. Frankly, if anything, we are even more concerned about the dangers of the giant yellow pen. Our two left feet are scared to death about it falling on anyone who walks out of that bathroom.

2. How much is too much?

Same here, @whysimonewhy. Same here. If you ask us, the pasta jars on the counter are equally a concern. Are they going to cook that dyed, horrifying-looking pasta? Are the cabinet doors somehow collapsable? We need answers!

3. What’s with all the pasta?

@thepaintress1, we think they got bored in quarantine. That and too many DIY and 5-min craft videos can lead you to do some crazy stuff. Someone should have said something to Gigi. On another note, we are waiting on that sale, too.

4. What does your therapist say?

Let’s say this together: Gigi’s interior choices have no effect on us whatsoever. Repeat with u-- You know what, nevermind. We can’t do this. We have too many questions, and @hannahlouisef is right. This does affect us because we can’t stop thinking about it!

5. Fact-checking

We haven’t been to a lot of hostels backpacking, so we don’t know for sure. But @sarahhtabet’s statement has us questioning everything. Why go to a European hostel when you can bring it to you? Why anyone would do that is beyond our imagination.

6. Don’t we all love DIYs?

Excuse us, we need a moment or two to get it together. @thisisheidib, we love your sense of humor. Not gonna lie, the house does look like someone went above and beyond with DIY house decor ideas. Maybe YouTube got the best of her?

7. Well, read???

We all know that is going to happen. We might not know when, but this is definitely going down in history with larger-than-life images and out-of-the-box ideas that none of us understand. @rosalyster, can you give them some decent captions, though?

8. What even…

@Ceilidhann, we have a theory. What if they are just chocolates designed to look like billiard balls? Imagine walking past, and Gigi picks one up and bites into it, surprising everyone? What if the kitchen top can be turned into a pool table?

9. Minimal or maximal?

@valerieloftus makes a solid point. We have been seeing too many of those minimalist homes and safe color plays. Let’s remember that everyone is free to make their choices. If an atomic explosion of colors is what tickles your fancy, then go for it!

10. What correlation?

@AnnaCafolla, we don’t completely agree with what you’re trying to say. The presence or absence of abundance wealth isn’t exactly a factor that dictates your choices. Would any of you give up your favorites when you run into more money?

11. Who do you think will take the award?

Twitter really does love a competition. When Gigi invited people to have a view of her house, Twitter was first busy criticizing her choices. However, @aherman2006 is here to remind us of other celeb houses that we hate.

12. Whispered confessions

@kswiftthegreat reminded us that we may or may not need to look at Lena Dunham’s house again (we choose to do the latter). This might not work for us, but it’s not like we have to live there.

13. Oh, is she taking applications?

It took us a while to get used to the explosion of colors and quirkiness, but we think it’s growing on us. Now that we are on the “like it” stage, maybe it won’t take us all that long to get where @MichaelKayePR is?

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