21 Movies in 2021 You Don't Want to Miss
Amazing movies are scheduled to release this year, and we pinky-swear that you won't feel disappointed by them. Still don't believe us? Well, take a look. Twenty twenty-one may seem a little monotonous for obvious reasons. Last year, many film releases were delayed; however, Hollywood is giving the best of the best for you to enjoy. Besides some Netflix Originals, there are some other movies lined up to make you feel better. Right from horrors like Spiral: From the Book of Saw to action flicks like Fast and Furious 9, we have covered almost all genres for you. Here are a few of the top movies releasing in 2021.
15 Movies in Which THE Deed Was Really Done
There’s no dearth of steamy sex scenes in Hollywood. But some actors famously (and some infamously) have gone ahead and done the actual deed on-screen. People always want to know if actors played it coy on-screen, or if did they did get hot and heavy while filming a sex scene. Remember Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas in Original Sin? We would like to believe the two hottest stars of Hollywood really did that bathtub scene. But rumors have it that they’re just...rumors. There are some films in which celebs FOR SURE got down to business. Here some steamy movies that used no simulations, prosthetic genitals, or modesty patches.
16 Movie Moments That Are Definitely Most-paused
When watching a movie, you often get sucked into the story and miss some important details. But, don't worry, for we are here to catch you up to speed. Ever watch a film, pause, get confused or shocked, and rewind a scene because you missed it? Outstanding scripts, great screenplay, exceptional direction, and actors who go the extra mile make iconic movies that are worth watching and re-watching. But, there are also countless moments when fans have paused a film to take a closer look at cinematic goof-ups and hidden Easter eggs. Here are the 16 most paused and watched scenes.
These 30 Actors Turned Down Huge Roles
Picture your favorite film but with a completely different lead. Isn’t the same, right? Matt Damon as Harvey Dent, Val Kilmer as Neo or Morpheus, Michelle Pfeiffer as Vivian Ward, Leonardo DiCaprio as Alan Turing, Benicio Del Toro as Khan, Matthew Mcconaughey as Jack Dawson, alright, alright, alright, you get the picture! These are just a few actors who turned down roles that went on to become iconic. Some went on record to lament losing out on career-defining roles, while others were convinced they’d made the right decision. Keep reading to find out which real-life couple almost starred in Ghost.
These 25 Movies Turn 25 This Year and We Could Not Feel Older
Revisiting iconic movies from the past is always great and some of the best ones are actually turning 25 this year! Celebratory birthday marathon anyone? 1996 was an impressive year for Hollywood, giving us delights and disasters alike. We got fantastic book-to-screen adaptations, movies that spawned large franchises, comedy actors taking home a whopping paycheque, beloved, timeless children’s movies, and films that went on to have cult followings. To celebrate our recollections and the movies themselves, how about a trip down memory lane to know which of our favorites are celebrating their 25th birthday this year?
Guilty as Charged! 27+ Movies We Cannot Stop Watching
Admit it or not, we love watching films that are embarrassing to mention. Watching these gives us a feeling of satisfaction, and we don’t understand why. We’re sure it’s a universal feeling, though, as everyone has that one movie they enjoy watching despite how awful it is. If you don’t, you’re probably lying... Admit it! We’re all different, and so is our take on movies. From not-so-funny rom-coms to illogical sci-fi action adventures and hilarious horrors, here are 40 guilty pleasure movies that we can’t go without. Are they on your list too?
20 Movies Perfect For Valentine's Day
Wondering how to spend Valentine's day while stuck at home? Spend the weekend snuggling with your significant other as you catch up on these romance movies Valentine’s day can be a big deal for some. After all, it is a day to celebrate love. So, make the most of it by spending some cozy quality time with your partner. How? We’ll tell you. Step 1: Get some of your favorite snacks. Step 2: Get some heartwarming hot cocoa or wine. Step 3: Snuggle together in your comfiest blanket. Step 4: Fire up the screen. Step 5: Embark on a romantic flick marathon! Here are some of the most romantic movies you can stream on your favorite OTT platforms.
15 Netflix Originals to Keep You Hooked in February
Netflix has a raft of movies and series set to release this February. The month may be the shortest, but the supply of entertainment is unlimited! We are already into the second month of the year, and it's time for us to start adding a slew of Netflix Originals to "My List". The streaming giant promises to deliver a treasure trove of debuts, like Malcolm & Marie, and new seasons of old hits, like Mighty Express. It plans to spoil us silly this month, and we are here for it. Here's a list of 15 films and shows that you must watch this February. So, get, set, binge!
Ring in 2021 with These Fantastic Netflix Originals
Get ready to make an all-new watchlist this January, as we are getting a new and exciting list of Netflix Originals. On your mark, get set, binge watch. The year 2020 has finally come to an end, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Just like everyone else, you may have spent a lot of time watching Netflix, too. If you are at a loss of what to watch next, Netflix has got you covered. This extensively long list of Netflix Originals will include everything, from historical documentaries to exciting fiction movies and even some informative series. Rest assured, you will not find yourself bored this January.
These Animal-themed Movies Are Perfect For Family-time With The Kids
Are you looking for an animal-themed movie to watch with your children? Here are ten such movies that you can binge on on a lazy afternoon. Don’t forget your popcorn! If there is one thing that we all love, it is cute animals. It doesn't matter if you’re an animal-lover—they are all adorable! So what better way to spend an afternoon with your children than to watch an animal film? Whether you are looking for adventurous plots, adorable animations, or catchy soundtracks, we have put together a list of some of the best animal movies that have it all.
15 Netflix Originals to Binge-watch This December
Winter is here, and so are the holidays. What better way to bring in the festivities than watching a bunch of Netflix originals to wash away the blues? While there is no doubt that we will continue to hibernate for another few months, let’s try and embrace the positive side of being locked in at home. Besides sitting in a cozy nook by the fireplace with your favorite book, you can pick movies or shows from our list of 15 Netflix Originals across genres that cater to all ages. Add fun to your movie nights with family this holiday season. Grab your eggnog, and get, set, Netflix!
15 Movies on Netflix to Get You in the Holiday Mood
Grab a seat and some cake; it’s that time of the year again! Here are 15 enjoyable holiday movies to keep you entertained this festive season. Since 'tis the season to be jolly, why not wash away your pandemic blues with whole lotta films? After all, Santa seems to have come early this year, as Netflix has already filled its digital stocking to the brim with a slate of holiday-themed movies and shows. On that note, we bring you a treasure trove of cheesy classics, feel-good films, and new Netflix originals. So, what are you waiting for? Snuggle up with your family and start your holiday with a movie marathon!
Iconic Halloween Movies to Give You the Heebie-Jeebies
With Halloween sneaking up on us, it's time to pick out all things spooky. This year, let’s go back to watching a few all-time favorite Halloween movies. Halloween classics bring back memories of us sitting around the TV, watching the spookiest of characters, and snacking on Halloween candy. These movies have a charm of their own; they have the best jump scares that still manage to make us feel warm. From Hocus Pocus to Halloween Town, these will take you back to the good ol’ days with some over-the-top costumes and real horror. Check them out to keep up with the true Halloween spirit.
15 Riddikulusly Funny Harry Potter Memes
On a scale of one to ten, how obsessed do you think we are with the wizarding world and the Boy Who Lived? Well, we'd say about nine and three quarters. The 1st of September is approaching, and we can't wait to get lost in the magical world of Hogwarts. How cool would it be to teleport from one place to another—hopefully, without splinching? While we all pack our robes and wands and stuff our trunks to the brim, here's something to tickle your funny bones. No, we're not giving you the laughing potion; we're sharing 15 memes and jokes so riddikulus that you'll LOL like a banshee. We solemnly swear.
Get Ready, Set, and Binge-Watch These Netflix Originals This October
With hours to spare and nowhere to go, our watch list is getting longer. And since many Netflix Originals are releasing this month, binge-watching is a must. The upcoming Netflix Originals have something in store for every genre. Since it is Halloween season, Netflix is set to release feature documentaries, rom-coms, action-adventures, thrillers, drama, and more. We guarantee that the releases will keep you occupied every weekend or weekday of the month. So don’t forget to stock some popcorn on your next grocery trip. Check out this list of October releases.
Love, Mystery, and Horror - Netflix Originals for September Has It All
Netflix has lined up an impressive collection of originals that is set to release in September. Here is what you should expect on the streaming platform! If you’re running out of things to watch (is that even possible?), Netflix Originals for September is exactly for you! The OTT platform is set to release a bunch of new shows and movies, with a few Netflix Originals being a part of the package. This time around, there’s a whole lot of diversity, ranging from psychological thrillers that pit good against evil to deeply soulful and moving content. So, get your comfy blankets and start binge-watching!
Wait. For. It - 15 Superhero Films Ready to Hit Screens
Day started rotten? We have come bearing some good news. Around 15 superhero movies are releasing super soon in theaters near you; check them out! We've been crazy about superheroes ever since the release of comic books, but the obsession reached new heights after Marvel Studios and DC Movies came into the scene. After all, who doesn’t like watching a man or a woman take on the world and fight evil with their superpowers? The good news that you don’t have to wait much longer to see your favorite heroes wear tight suits and climb buildings. So, grab a tub of popcorn and watch your superheroes in action.
Stream These 15 Amazing Movies Now!
Are you one of those who watches a movie as soon as it releases? Here’s a list of films you can still catch first while curled up on your couch. In our new normal, socializing is a thing of the past. Getting together for lunch is only acceptable virtually, and what even are movie theaters? Are these cinema halls real, or did we just make 'em up? Since we've all been home for what feels like decades now, we're starting to forget what the inside of the outside looks like. Since we miss our regular movie outings so very much, a lot of films have been pulled from theaters for a digital release. Here are some you wouldn't want to miss.
15 Intense Netflix Originals Coming this August
Like always, the streaming service will release a bunch of Netflix Originals in August. These 15 documentaries, movies, and shows are the best of the lot. After a July filled with top-notch content, it seemed like Netflix would run out of steam and have nothing great to offer in August. However, the streaming service has, once again, proved us wrong and released a list of stellar shows and movies for viewers to enjoy in the coming month. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your pajamas, grab a tub of popcorn, and unwind with these phenomenal documentaries, movies, and series on your favorite streaming service.
15 Child Actors who Absolutely Nailed their Roles
Some adorable, pint-sized artists have managed to steal the spotlight from their adult co-stars and have rightfully earned the praises they deserved. It’s near impossible to forget child stars like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, Mckenna Grace in Gifted, and the very adorable Brooklynn Prince from The Florida Project. Child actors have time and again proven to be equally good, if not better than their adult co-stars—sometimes even stealing the limelight from A-Listers. Here's looking at you, Mr. Osment. While some child actors, like Scarlett Johansson and Chritian Bale, have gone on to be successful film stars as adults, some like Mara Wilson chose very different paths. Check out these 15 iconic child actors whose outstanding work can never be forgotten.
Twitter Recreates11+ Disney Movie Endings and it's HILARIOUS
Ever wonder about alternate endings? Twitter is full of crazy geniuses, and these ideas for #BadDisneyMovieEndings make us want to believe in the Earth-616. Ever loved a movie way too much, only to be disappointed with its ending? We all have a crazy, vivid imagination and often wonder the woulda, coulda, shoulda scenarios. And this is especially true with Disney movies. Because let’s be honest, it’s 2020, and about time the characters stopped making irrational decisions! As usual, netizens wouldn’t keep their disappointments and thoughts to themselves. Twitterati started sharing their ideas of poorly-done Disney movie endings, and so far, we’re lovin’ it! Here are some crazy, genius ideas about some #BadDisneyMovieEndings, and frankly, we like them all.
15 Patriotic Movies Perfect For the Fourth of July
Nothing screams Independence Day louder than a Hollywood flick about America and its great history. Grab a beer, unwind, and enjoy these patriotic movies. Nine out of ten Independence Day celebrations feature BBQs, star-spangled decorations, and parades. The pattern has been pretty much set ever since the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain, and it doesn’t look like it’s changing anytime soon. However, there's no reason why you can't add a new tradition to your celebrations. So this year, after a day's worth of festivities in the sun, sit back and enjoy a movie or two. Here are a few patriotic movies you can watch this Fourth of July!
Unwind With These 15 Netflix Originals This July
Wondering what to do while you are stuck at home? Look no further! There is an exciting lineup of Netflix Originals for you to binge-watch this summer! The upcoming lineup of Netflix Originals, which will launch in July, features a number of newbies and a few oldies. It also includes some phenomenal foreign titles, so there’s something exciting for each and every one of you. With an ongoing classics theme in the month of July, the lineup is a treasure trove of several adaptations of classics series, novels, and comic books. The streaming service is set to launch new seasons of some of your most beloved series. Stay tuned for that, and check out our list of 15 upcoming Netflix Originals.
14 Times Hollywood Was Called Out for Whitewashing
Brownface, yellowface, blackface—Hollywood’s done it all since the age of silent films. Check out some of the most recent whitewashed roles in Hollywood. In 2017, Scarlett Johansson was cast as Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell. Based on a Japanese manga series by Masamune Shirow, the movie faced outrage for the casting. Over 100,000 people signed an online petition, “Stop Whitewashing Asian Characters.” Unsurprisingly, nothing substantial came out of it. After all, it’s Hollywood. Some things never change and Hollywood whitewashing character roles seems like one of those things that is here to stay. Here are some jarring instances that drew criticism.
Amazing Netflix Originals Coming This June
Already seen it all on Netflix? Well, rethink that thought ‘coz the streaming service has lined up a slew of fresh shows and movies for June 2020! #YAAS As the new month comes sashaying in, get ready to treat yourself with engrossing movies and brand new shows on Netflix. If you haven’t finished watching everything on your list yet, hurry up and clear it. The streaming service has June covered, with its schedule packed to the gills. These Netflix Originals, older series or first-timers, are all set to make waves, and we cannot wait to sit down with the popcorn. For your benefit (and ours), we’ve curated some of the coolest shows and films coming up. Go ahead and plot your binge-fest for the month already!
15 Movies on Netflix That Are Perfect for Your Kids
Are you lost amidst an array of kids' movies online? Chill out; Netflix has you covered, with 15 films to keep them entertained during these trying times. Tons, tons, and tons are the number of streaming platforms to pick a good kids’ movie from. Are they good? The only way to find out is with a bit of R&D on the three W's, and boy, do we know how long that's going to take. But we've got a smarter way to avoid all of that research because we've already been there, done that. All you need to do is, hop onto a Netflix subscription and pick a family movie night to binge-watch these 15 movies that are sure to keep them entertained.
13 Times When Movies Accidentally Twinned
A movie is made by many minds but sometimes, co-incidences or lazy writing give us two very similar products. Here are 13 examples of films that twinned. The prodigious nature of the entertainment industry opens up the scope for diverse perceptions regarding the same concept. However, these perceptions often still culminate in what are known as “twin films,” where the movies made bear similar plots and are released at a similar time. Churchill and The Darkest Hour are instances of this phenomenon. Surprisingly, this list of examples is longer than we would have imagined at first. For throughout history there have been plenty of such occasions, including the involvement of some of the biggest studios and star-casts.
DC Movies Get New Release Dates and the Internet Cant Keep Calm
It is no surprise that DC-verse releases have been delayed. It is also no surprise, that the fans stormed social media with their enlivened thoughts and opinions. You were hyped to witness the new The Batman on the silver screen or find out how Steve Trevor returns from the dead. But then, Shazam! And everything got pushed to the future in a Flash. See what we did there? The announcement for the indefinite postponing of all movies witnessed DC universe fans at their opinionated best, whether they had theories to share, ideas to discuss, or hope to spread. In fact, even costuming got a few tweets dedicated to it. Take a look at what they had to say on Twitter and maybe add your own take too!
Movie Details You Almost Definitely Totally Missed
Some movies are worth watching only once, while there are others you just can't stop rewatching—sometimes just for scenes that make a lasting impression. But how often do you notice the intricate details and painstaking efforts taken by filmmakers to ensure continuity and bring you the best of cinema? We bring you thirty Easter eggs and instances of attention-to-detail in movies that you might have missed.
Your Watchlist is Incomplete Without These Films
2019 was a big year for films. 2020, however, seems to be even more promising with the number of terrific movies on the horizon. From Christopher Nolan’s most secretive project to fantasy epics like Godzilla vs. Kong, we got the rundown of the 30 best movies that shouldn’t be missed. Let’s have a look.
32 Best Biopic Films Hollywood Ever Made
Do you know what makes for a good movie? A perfectly well-woven story. And there's no better place for great stories than in real life. That’s what we love about biographical films (or biopics, as these films are called). They give us more than a sneak peek into the lives of the famous, the great, and the brave ones. They’re a powerful reminder of history; combine it with exceptional storytelling, and they're cinematic masterpieces. Here are some of the best biopics ever made in Hollywood, in no particular order.
30 Korean Movies (Besides Parasite) That You Should Watch
Parasite’s acclaim is proof that it’s about time we stopped sleeping on Korean cinema. Taking home 4 Oscars, the movie gave us a fantastic glimpse into the K-film industry. A world full of brilliant movies in terms of production, storyline, and so much more, it is a joy for anyone stepping into it for the first or tenth time. If you loved Parasite, and want to discover more gems, here are some must-watch Korean movie recommendations for you.
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