15 Riddikulusly Funny Harry Potter Memes

06th October, 2020

On a scale of one to ten, how obsessed do you think we are with the wizarding world and the Boy Who Lived?

15 Riddikulusly Funny Harry Potter Memes Shutterstock

Well, we'd say about nine and three quarters. The 1st of September is approaching, and we can't wait to get lost in the magical world of Hogwarts. How cool would it be to teleport from one place to another—hopefully, without splinching? While we all pack our robes and wands and stuff our trunks to the brim, here's something to tickle your funny bones. No, we're not giving you the laughing potion; we're sharing 15 memes and jokes so riddikulus that you'll LOL like a banshee. We solemnly swear.

1. If Dumbledore was truthful

2. Mind-boggling logic

This comic sketch put up by @marinasshark is so funny that we laughed for three minutes straight. For those who didn’t get the joke, Lily was Harry Potter’s mother who Professor Snape loved deeply.

3. Poke a nose!

4. You’re who?

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Lol creepy ???? #harrypottermemes

A post shared by Harry Potter Memes (@harry.potter.memes) on Sep 29, 2014 at 12:21pm PDT

This edit done by @harry.potter.memes is so weirdly funny. If we were to take into account Hermione and Ron's first impressions of each other, we would've never thought they would end up together. Well, it looks like Hermoine had no qualms about marrying a person with an emotional range of a teaspoon.

5. Awful choices

@witchcraft.wizardry.hogwarts’s hilarious joke first made us laugh and then cry (just a little). If only Albus Dumbledore had told Snape that it is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities, maybe things would've been different. Too bad he couldn't use a time traveler.

6. Voldermort being nosey

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Poor Voldemort ???? #harrypottermemes

A post shared by Harry Potter Memes (@harry.potter.memes) on Sep 8, 2014 at 3:22am PDT

It’s quite unfortunate that Voldy considered himself the greatest wizard but couldn’t get himself a nose job. Just goes to show his priorities in life. No wonder he is fascinated by Harry’s nose here in this post by @harry.potter.memes.

7. ALWAYS pick up your mum’s calls @harrypottermemes

8. The most hated character

We totally agree with @memes4potterheards. If Monday were a person, it would look like a sadistic, short, squat woman resembling a large, pale toad. We might actually hate Dolores Umbridge a wee bit more than Voldermort, we think!

9. Ouch! @potterhead_fanns

10. A snip, snip here, and a Snape, Snape there

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A post shared by Ihavenoname (@heywhatsameme) on Jul 2, 2018 at 11:01am PDT

Imagine how downright hysterical it would be if Hogwarts taught muggle-made crafts like this picture uploaded by @heywhatsameme. Just the image of Snape teaching Harry and his friends how to make paper craft is so funny, our stomach hurts from laughing so much!

11. Draco got Malfoiled

In this creative edit made by @accio_frappuccino, it lists out the names of seven books had Draco Malfoy been the main character. It’s sad that it took him seven books to realize he was...what’s the word?...dung brains.

12. If Harry Potter universe had mobile phones @life.in.hogwarts

Voldemort, who wasn’t happy with having a normal, single soul, went ahead and split it into seven parts to become immortal. Now, if this whole thing had happened in current times, we are sure he would have used the indestructible Nokia phone as a Horcrux.

13. This meme’s gold-emort

This awesome meme by @harrypotatoisme had us ROFL. Like his soul, Voldermort's name can be split into quite a few variations. Poor fellow! He really should've thought of a better name.

14. There is only one right answer

15. Who nose?

Voldemort and his nose jokes will always crack us up. @harrypotter.posts.patronus here is convinced that the Dark Lord has realized how important it is to have a nose.

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