DC Movies Get New Release Dates and the Internet Cant Keep Calm

05th May, 2020

It is no surprise that DC-verse releases have been delayed. It is also no surprise, that the fans stormed social media with their enlivened thoughts and opinions.

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You were hyped to witness the new The Batman on the silver screen or find out how Steve Trevor returns from the dead. But then, Shazam! And everything got pushed to the future in a Flash . See what we did there? The announcement for the indefinite postponing of all movies witnessed DC universe fans at their opinionated best, whether they had theories to share, ideas to discuss, or hope to spread. In fact, even costuming got a few tweets dedicated to it. Take a look at what they had to say on Twitter and maybe add your own take too!

1. This user here believes good use can be made of the extra time

@LnSdreamer_98 believes the costumes could do with a makeover during this lockdown. We know for sure this isn’t the perspective of just one, but many. According to Ranker, Jim Lee’s version of the Batsuit seemed to get the fans’ approval.

2. How would that even be possible?

@DeJesusLoves joked about misreading the tweet and thought the release date changed from 1984 to another year. It would be pretty cool to go back in time, watch the movie, and then see reviews from that time. Unrealistic expectations aside, postpone the movie no further, please.

3. “We need her now,” says @LizzieBNYC

This Twitter user trusts that if Gal Gadot’s character hopped into our reality, she might be able to help us fight the pandemic. Right from spreading awareness, to supplying medical equipment globally, to being an all-out badass. Wouldn't that be something?

4. Some of them want the guy in blue

Shazam was cool, but what got fans going gaga was the Superman cameo, played by a stunt double to collective dismay, in the movie. When the film finally releases, fans are hoping to see more of Cavill. DCEU, we hope you are listening.

5. What about The Flash?

@DCFlashshill shows us how they have been waiting for the movie since 2015. Sorry to break it to you Damian, but it looks like you're going to have to wait a bit longer, probably till 2022.

6. Looks like the distressed feelings are shared even by The Batman fans

@DarthPool99 is tired of the endless wait for the movie to release and they can get in line! After all, it is the one movie that every DC fan has been waiting for. Fun fact, Venom 2, has acquired The Batman’s original release date.

7. Hence proved: The Batman is a favorite, even in text

Movies aside, @LadyOfHelheim held a Twitter poll to find out which comic book is the most popular amongst DC fans. The choices were Wonder Woman 1984, Black Widow, Venom 2, and The Batman. Turns out the bat flies high, even when it comes to comics.

8. Things like costumes and dates aren’t the only issue here

You might think it’s only about what characters fans prefer but the original deleted scenes directed by Zack Snyder matter equally! After all, it boils down to personal choice and looks like the production companies and are completely off-sync with their fans on this front.

9. This user has a more uncommon yet optimistic take

@Knuckle_HeadTV made a valid point when they said we should at least take a look at the new Batman in action. Hating on an actor before the movie even releases is majorly uncool and who knows, Pattinson may even ace the Bat’s role.

10. But @Eddieg16 disagrees and also has a valid point here

This Twitterati seems a bit done with the casting choices when it comes to The Batman franchise. It not hard to see that half the DC fandom is still "Affleck’ted." This bat-vampire-bat transition is going to take some getting used to!

11. Do tweets on Batman ever stop being written? No. No, they don’t

This user thinks that the Twilight star is too young to don the mask of Batman. But honestly, is Pattinson aging? He still looks the same to us, could he really be a…wait...nevermind. Either way, the man behind the mask will live forever!

12. And finally, ending this what is easily the best Batman clip. You should know we have this video on loop

Did you ever think that the deep-voiced vigilante who goes like, “I’m Batman,” could beatbox? Check out this in-the-ring anime battle clip of The Batman vs. Black Panther if you don’t believe us. Either way, it’s settled, Batman can do it all.

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