Stream These 15 Amazing Movies Now!

13th August, 2020

Are you one of those who watches a movie as soon as it releases? Here’s a list of films you can still catch first while curled up on your couch.

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In our new normal, socializing is a thing of the past. Getting together for lunch is only acceptable virtually, and what even are movie theaters? Are these cinema halls real, or did we just make 'em up? Since we've all been home for what feels like decades now, we're starting to forget what the inside of the outside looks like. Since we miss our regular movie outings so very much, a lot of films have been pulled from theaters for a digital release. Here are some you wouldn't want to miss.

1. Mulan (Disney+)

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Disney’s #Mulan, in theaters March 27, 2020.

A post shared by Mulan (@mulan) on Jul 7, 2019 at 9:16am PDT

Possibly one of the most awaited releases this season, the live-action adaptation of this 1998 classic story is set to hit the big screens soon-ish. Or so we thought. In a bold move to keep its audience entertained, Disney has favored an OTT release for this much-awaited film in the coming month.

2. Bill and Ted: Face the Music (Prime, iTunes)

The third movie in the Bill and Ted franchise will see Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves reuniting to save the world. Since it’s set to release on 1st September, you have an ample amount of time to catch up on the previous adventures, if you haven’t already.

3. The Outpost (Prime, iTunes, Vudu)

The Outpost, which was initially set to release in theatres, was moved to a direct streaming facility. The movie, which is based on a true story, sheds light on how the U.S. soldiers put up a fight against the Taliban during the Battle of Kamdesh.

4. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run (Prime, CBS, iTunes, Vudu)

Sadly we won’t be meeting our favorite sponge anytime soon, as the new SpongeBob movie has a new release date. However, the brighter side of this coin is that the film will be released directly on a VOD platform.

5. The One And Only Ivan (Disney+)

What are your thoughts about a gorilla and a baby elephant being friends? Unlikely? TBH, we have been picturing King Kong and Dumbo, and in our opinion, they make helluva friends. And we will be ready with a bowlful of popcorn when this movie drops on 14th August.

6. Irresistible (Amazon Prime, iTines, Vudu)

A political comedy might just be what we need to take our minds off of things. Irresistible, which stars Steve Carell in the lead role, revolves around a political consultant who assists a retired Marine colonel run for mayor in a town in Wisconsin.

7. Greyhound (iTunes)

Greyhound has Tom Hanks starring in it, and we're stoked to watch this one. Did we mention that Mr. Hanks himself jotted down the screenplay? The war film revolves around an amateur U.S. Navy commander who helps the Allied convoy dodge the German submarine wolf pack.

8. King of Staten Island (Prime)

King of Staten Island might help curb your curiosity about Pete Davidson and keep you entertained. This movie is a semi-autobiographical story that revolves around Scott’s (Davidson) struggles with depression, coming to terms with his father’s death, and becoming a tattoo artist.

9. Artemis Fowl (Disney+)

This one's a live-action movie and another tick for Disney for winning our hearts. Initially slated for the big screen release, Artemis Fowl was moved to the studio’s streaming platform. The movie has so far garnered mixed reviews, and it's time for you to decide on your own.

10. Relic (Amazon, iTunes)

If there is one thing that we miss the most, it’s watching horror movies. But thanks to Relic, we can now watch a manifestation of dementia haunt a family of three.

11. Viena and the Fantomes (Amazon, iTunes)

This Dakota Fanning, Evan Rachel Wood, and Zoë Kravitz starrer tells the story of a Viena, a roadie, who gets embroiled in a love triangle while traveling with a punk music band.

12. SCOOB (Amazon, iTunes, Vudu)

Scooby gang’s adventures never really left us. If anything, we feel like we are living in a mystery-cum-controversy only The Mystery Machine riders can solve. To catch a break from the nightmare that is 2020, we highly recommend binging on some old and new Scooby-Doo movies.

13. Trolls World Tour (Amazon, iTunes, Vudu)

Universal made a bold move early on when they decided to move their animated creation Trolls World Tour from a big screen release to a digital platform release. Considering how big a hit Trolls was, we think it’s a good thing we didn’t have to wait longer to watch this sequel.

14. The Lovebirds (Netflix)

The Lovebirds, starring Issa Rae and Kumal Nanjiani, is a typical not-heavy-on-the-heart, girl-boy rom-com, which was released on Netflix. The story revolves around a couple who get entangled in a murder mystery.

15. The Old Guard (Netflix)

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#TheOldGuard is coming to @netflix July 10th.

A post shared by The Old Guard (@oldguardmovie) on Jul 2, 2020 at 6:02am PDT

Based upon Greg Rucka’s comic books of the same name, the Old Guard will soon be available to stream on Netflix. This Charlize Theron starrer will fill up your thriller needs all on its own. We suggest you clear out your weekend and enjoy it without any distractions.

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