Twitter Recreates11+ Disney Movie Endings and it's HILARIOUS

10th July, 2020

Ever wonder about alternate endings? Twitter is full of crazy geniuses, and these ideas for #BadDisneyMovieEndings make us want to believe in the Earth-616.

Twitter Recreates11+ Disney Movie Endings and it's HILARIOUS Shutterstock

Ever loved a movie way too much, only to be disappointed with its ending? We all have a crazy, vivid imagination and often wonder the woulda, coulda, shoulda scenarios. And this is especially true with Disney movies. Because let’s be honest, it’s 2020, and about time the characters stopped making irrational decisions! As usual, netizens wouldn’t keep their disappointments and thoughts to themselves. Twitterati started sharing their ideas of poorly-done Disney movie endings, and so far, we’re lovin’ it! Here are some crazy, genius ideas about some #BadDisneyMovieEndings, and frankly, we like them all.

1. Alice in Highlands @JeanzieK

Alice has always seemed like a bull in a China shop with a generous tinge of curiosity killed the cat. To us, this seems like a pretty good explanation as to why Alice was the way she was.

2. The Dumped Mermaid @ReinventChronic

Well, now that’s just awkward! Can you imagine the drama this would entail? A human rejecting the royalty’s daughter for a common fish? Have you ever heard of such monstrosity? Where’s our popcorn?

3. The Lion Cub @JGregs4

The Lion King is possibly one of the best and most loved movies we have all seen. But let’s be honest, this ending will save us the heartbreak of Mufasa’s death.

4. The Creepy Story @BiggieHaws_YT

This would be pretty interesting! Would the toys gather and plan to smuggle Woody’s body out of Andy’s reach? Can someone pitch this idea to Disney for us grown-up kids?

5. Losing Dory @Rachels_Ratchet

So, you’re telling us that the kind, adorable, and forgetful little fish has finally found a ray of sunshine. But instead of fun, we are gonna cry tears of heartbreak? Cool, where do we sign up for this?

6. Why am I Awake Beauty @just_some_lady

This is us! This is us! We all know how irritating it is when someone wakes us up. Why? Why would you do that? Leave us be! We are trying to sleep here! We don't need no kiss!

7. Fly in Peace, Dumbo @firchy002

Does that mean he can go back to not being poked and prodded? And that he will be able to live with his mother? And that the circus won’t be caging him? Count us in for this version of the movie!

8. Jokers of the Caribbean @LovelyEbonyDiva

This is a crossover that will blow everyone’s mind! And with a dash of humor, that is. We would like to see how a germophobe pirate survives on a ship smack dab in the middle of the ocean?

9. Coulda Woulda @LiveDerekChu

Mark Ruffalo is possibly the king of spoilers! The man can never keep a Marvel secret. But he may be on to something with this! Come to think of it, aren’t we all bored of the happily ever after endings?

10. Beauty and the Twilight @calico234

Now we are just confused. Wasn’t the scary beast a human beneath all that fur? Now you’re telling us that deep down he is a werewolf? Can someone clear this up, please? Asking for Belle.

11. Mousey little ones @calico234

Dear friend, that is not how mouse traps work. Oh, wait! This is Mickey and Minnie—Disney’s precious ones. Now that we think about it, that’s totally possible! They might even develop some serious muscle while they try to free themselves.

12. The Boy Who Brought the Wrong Dust @djk2g

Ha! We can see in our mind Peter trying to fly off with the kids to Neverland. Except they land face-first on the ground, and he has no idea what he did wrong! Tinker is gonna be so mad.

13. Vengeance – A Bambi Story @stevenbycchance

We don’t really know what to say? This does seem like an interesting watch. Can some writers take notes? We are rooting for this alternate-universe story where Babmi does more than being Bambi.

14. Cinderella Was a Friend of Mine @Nessa_Star4

This question has been haunting us for years, and we think it’s time to address it. Prince Charming does not remember the face he spent all night gawking at and goes on a wild goose chase hunting for a girl who left a shoe behind. NGL, this is probably a better fit!

15. Flushing Nemo @madanter

Talk about cutting a movie short. Did you think about how there will be no Finding Dory if Nemo cannot be found? Did you? Maybe it’s time for you to face the wall and rethink your suggestion.

16. Ratatouille @bigdweeb

Chef Gusteau would be sorely disappointed. Remy is the next best thing running Gusteu’s falling empire. Imagine the downfall if the aspiring chef falls in love with the coco.

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