Wait. For. It - 15 Superhero Films Ready to Hit Screens

31st August, 2020

Day started rotten? We have come bearing some good news. Around 15 superhero movies are releasing super soon in theaters near you; check them out!

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We've been crazy about superheroes ever since the release of comic books, but the obsession reached new heights after Marvel Studios and DC Movies came into the scene. After all, who doesn’t like watching a man or a woman take on the world and fight evil with their superpowers? The good news that you don’t have to wait much longer to see your favorite heroes wear tight suits and climb buildings. So, grab a tub of popcorn and watch your superheroes in action.

1. Wonder Woman 1984 – 2nd October 2020

Just the background music of @WonderWomanFilm is enough to give us goosebumps. Oh, by the way, this one also stars Chris Pine, and we’re sure he’s going to rock his role. Getting our tickets the minute bookings open!

2. Black Widow – 6th November 2020

Who doesn’t want to see more of the talented and gorgeous Scarlett Johansson on the big screen? After her character died a tragic death in the last Avengers movie, we’ve been dying to know more about @theblackwidow.

3. The Eternals – 12th February 2021

Not to sound too biased or anything, but @Eternalmarvels had us when they announced Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek in their star cast. This film has some big names attached to it, so, clearly, our expectations are high, too. Hope we’re not disappointed.

4. Morbius – 19th March 2021

@MorbiusMovie plot, which features Jared Leto as a vampire, seems quite gripping. Let’s hope Daniel Espinosa’s directing has spun some extra magic into the movie. We can’t wait to watch this one!

5. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – 7th May 2021

As seen in @MarvelShangChi's post, we’ll get to watch our favorite martial artist in action in nine months. Simu Liu takes up the lead role, and the plot does seem quite fascinating. Let’s see how this one fares.

6. Venom 2 – 25th June 2021

We loved Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, an investigative journalist with an alter-ego and superpowers, in the last film, and we cannot wait to see more of him in @VenomMovie. Marking our calendar for this one!

7. Suicide Squad Sequel – 6th August 2021

The previous star cast will stay in @SuicideSquadWB; however, the movie will now be directed by James Gunn. He said that it’s nothing like the superhero films we’ve watched till now. We hope this movie doesn’t disappoint us.

8. The Batman – 1st October 2021

We’re not quite sure how to react to the news of Robert Pattinson playing Bruce Wayne, but the newly released @TheBatman trailer looks quite intriguing. We’re going to watch it, no matter how good or bad this one turns out to be.

9. Spider-Man – 5th November 2021

The official title of this movie may change, but the hype around it will definitely not. Tom Holland, in the teaser trailer, looks like he’s upped his acting skills quite a bit. According to @MCU_Direct, the movie’s release has been pushed to next year, and we’re a bit disappointed.

10. Black Adam – 21st December 2021

Dwayne Johnson a.k.a @TheRock will be starring in this one, and we cannot wait for its release. We’re willing to bet good money that it’s gonna be a megablockbuster. What do you think?

11. Thor: Love and Thunder – 11th February 2022

According to @MCU_Direct, Natalie Portman is going to play Female Thor alongside Chris Hemsworth in this film, and we cannot contain our excitement. Last we heard was that Christian Bale might star in too. Yay!

12. Shazam: Fury of the Gods – 1st April 2022

This film’s plot is kept under tight wraps and not much is known about it, except for the title as seen in @firstpost’s tweet. Take your own sweet time Warner Bros; we’re patiently waiting.

13. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – 25th March 2022

Sam Raini may be directing this 2016 sequel of @DrStrange, but nothing is confirmed as of now. This one seems like a lifetime away but good things always take time to make. We’re not complaining.

14. Black Panther 2 – 6th May 2022

Marvel has confirmed a sequel but we don’t have the slightest hint on what the plot is going to be based on. All we know is that it’s going to be directed by Ryan Coogler and will star Chadwick Boseman and Michael. B Jordan. For more updates, check out @MarvelStudio page.

15. The Flash – 7th July 2022

We hope the release date does not get pushed back because we’re waiting to watch @wbpictures’s movie. Ezra Miller will be playing the role of Brady Miller in this film, and we’ve already kept the popcorn ready. Hurry up 2022!

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