Amazing Shows You Need to Binge-Watch Right Now
02nd April, 2020
Amazing Shows You Need to Binge-Watch Right Now
Since the best thing for everyone right now is to stay at home, this is the time to immerse yourself into the world of bingeing shows. Popular streaming sites like Netflix and Prime Video have a stocked up library waiting just for your click. Now, we know it’s not easy to filter out the right ones, so we’ve made your task a lot easier by giving you our recommendations. This must-watch list includes many famous ones and a few hidden gems. So, don’t miss out on these shows while quarantined. Happy bingeing!
<i>Narcos and Narcos: Mexico</i>
Narcos and Narcos: Mexico

This show will keep you at the edge of your seat from the first to last episode. Showcasing the intensely violent era of Columbian narcotics trafficking in the 70s and 80s, Narcos narrates the criminal exploits of cartel leaders like Pablo Escobar and Pacho Herrera. What originally started as the story of Escobar has now evolved into the spinoff Narcos: Mexico, which released its second season in February this year.

<i>Black Mirror</i>
Endemol Shine UK
Black Mirror

For the humans who love technology so much that they basically live it, it’s time you watched Black Mirror. This anthology series unveils the deceptively grim side of modern technologies and how it backfires on a personal and social level. What’s even great about this show is that each episode stars a completely new cast, so it almost feels like you’re binging on short movies.

BBC Worldwide

BBC’s Sherlock is one of the top-rated TV shows of all time. It made Benedict Cumberbatch a superstar and redefined the story of our classic detective duo. The modernized take combined with excellent cinematography and magnetic duo performances from Martin Freeman and Cumberbatch revive Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective stories with such finesse. It’s a relatively short show with only 13 episodes, but with a run time of almost 90 minutes per episode.

<i>Good Omens</i>
Amazon Prime Video
Good Omens

This six-part mini-series is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s 1990 fantasy novel. Micheal Sheen plays the angel Aziraphale and David Tennant plays the demon Crowley, whose comfortable lives on Earth are endangered by the imminent Apocalypse. The series is also filled with quirky humor that filters both human history and biblical mythology through its unique lens.

<i>The Office (US and UK)</i>
NBCUniversal Television Distribution
The Office (US and UK)

This is a binge-watcher’s delight, and both the American and British versions of The Office are on Netflix. The US adaptation follows the mockumentary style of the original UK version that gave Ricky Gervais his break. The dry comedy takes a look into the everyday humor and touching foolishness of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s Scranton branch. We recommend the US version if you’re planning to watch it with your family, the UK version may not be for the kids.

<i>Stranger Things</i>
Stranger Things

Speaking of kids, Stranger Things is the best show you can watch while you’re confined with your family. But don’t mistake it for a light, kids-only series. Its amazing retro production and unusually gripping story make you want more. The show also features a bunch of promising young actors. Inspired particularly by the pop culture of the 80s, the show is also a nostalgic nod to that era for all adult viewers.

<i>BoJack Horseman</i>
BoJack Horseman

No animated series will make you contemplate life as deeply as BoJack Horseman. Once a popular star of the 90s hit TV sitcom, a lot has changed for the troubled BoJack. The story picks up 20 years him losing all that fame and dealing with a myriad of vices. Give this dark comedy a shot and witness BoJack’s struggle with coming to terms with bleak reality.

<i>The End of the F***ing World</i>
BBC Studios
The End of the F***ing World

The show is an adaptation of Charles Forsman’s comic-book series and tells the story of James, a 17-year-old, self-proclaimed psycho, and Alyssa, the new popular girl in school with a special talent for annoyance with her cold attitude. With less than 25 minutes per episode and just two seasons, it’ll take you just a day to can finish this ominous comedy from start to end.

<i>Rick and Morty</i>
Warner Bros. Television
Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is one of those special shows that will glue you to your seat, couch, bed, even the floor! It’s hilarious to the point of breathlessness and equally twisted and complex to cause a fever dream. Get ready for multilayered comedy and multidimensional madness with this loose adaptation of the partnership between Doc and Marty from the Back to the Future series.

MGM Domestic Television

Based on Coen Brothers’ 1996 Oscar-winning movie, Fargo is FX’s anthology crime series with the same setting and overall aesthetics. Quirky characters played by Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman along with a fresh storyline and shocking plot twists make this dark dramedy a treat to watch. Also, you may have a hard time wrapping your head around the fact that the show is based on real-life events in Minnesota.

<i>Breaking Bad</i>
Sony Pictures Television
Breaking Bad

For those living under a rock, Breaking Bad is one of the most acclaimed TV shows of all time, and now’s the perfect time to watch it. Bryan Cranston gives one of the best performances in TV show history as a high-school teacher who becomes a shrewd meth lord. Badass dialogues, brilliant plot, and shocking twists, this show has it all. It also was one of the first shows to be termed as part of the “slow burn” genre.

<i>Better Call Saul</i>
Sony Pictures Television
Better Call Saul

Now, once you’re done watching Breaking Bad, there’s no need to just stop there. You can keep going and explore the origins of Saul Goodman, the humorous lawyer with tacky ads on benches. You can even watch Better Call Saul first because it doesn’t really need you to watch the former. Starring Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill, this spin-off follows the life of dives deep into the story of a lawyer with a damaged moral compass who later takes the name Saul Goodman.

MTV Networks

Starring Nicholas Hoult from Mad Max: Fury Road and the recent X-Men movies, Skins is the a throwback for those who miss being young, wild, and free. Skins started in 2007 as a series that focused on showing teenagers living on their own terms, which then evolved along with the characters. The show is mostly about raging hormones, parties, and awkwardness, and casts a bunch of young actors who went on to become big celebrities.

Warner Bros. Television

After the release of its second season last year, You became a widely discussed show on social media. It was originally launched in 2018 on Lifetime but didn’t receive as much recognition until it landed on Netflix. The show stars Penn Badgley as Joe Golberg, a stalker who obsesses over women he’s attracted to. Get ready for thrilling twists and turns through the eyes of this creepy character.


Created by the Oscar-winning directors and writers of Matrix trilogy, Sense8 is one of the most popular sci-fi shows of recent times. It follows eight people from completely different cultures and premises around the globe who are suddenly linked kinetically as well as share each other's love, pain, and fear. Although it’s two seasons long, binging on this sci-fi series will make your mind go absolutely bonkers.

<i>Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes</i>
Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Watching the docuseries about a man whose psychopathic brutality traumatized the whole of America in the 70s will give you a good idea of what terror looks like. Director Joe Berlinger pieces together this nefarious serial killer’s archival footage and audio recordings while he was on death row. Bundy’s confessions to his barbaric crimes on tapes are simply inconceivable to any normal human being.


With Seven and Fight Club director David Fincher, you can expect Mindhunter to be of at least equal caliber. The first season shows the inception of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit and interviews with real serial killers based on actual conversations. This show is a strange and terrifying look into the dark deeds humans are capable of. The one of the biggest examples is the killings by the one mentioned above.

<i>Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan</i>
Amazon Prime Video
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

No more Jim Halpert from The Office! In Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, John Krasinski plays the role of a CIA analyst thrown for the first time into a dangerous field assignment, where he uncovers secrets that can cause total destruction. With two seasons, the show has received an outstanding response from viewers around the world, and the third season is on its way. This show has thrilling action sequences and classic Clancy situations.

<i>Russian Doll</i>
NBCUniversal Television Distribution
Russian Doll

Nadia (played by Natasha Lyonne) has two main problems: she keeps dying and she keeps coming back right at the same place. The show opens with her birthday party organized by her friends, and she dies that night only to find herself back at the party again. As the show goes on, Nadia struggles to figure out what exactly happened to her on that night and what comes next.


This comedy recently bagged an unbelievable number of awards at big events like the Golden Globes, Baftas, and Emmys. Fleabag stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge as the titular dry-witted woman who faces the pitfalls of dating while trying to cope with family issues and her own business. After the introduction of Andrew Scott’s “Hot Priest” character in the second season, the show has a much bigger fan base.